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Erin Lee '17LS on the Importance of Time Management

Erin shares thoughts on her Simmons SLIS experience and applying the coursework to her current role.

Tell us about your favorite course you took in the LIS program.

Erin Lee

Curriculum and Instructional Strategies for the School Library Teacher taught by Lisa Estabrook. It was my favorite and the most challenging. The class offered discussion around theory and strategy balanced with real-life practice. Students were responsible for developing and presenting mini-lessons that incorporated strategies learned in class and then gave meaningful feedback to each other on how to improve. Receiving thoughtful feedback from classmates and the professor inspired me to try new things and go outside of my comfort zone.

Another favorite was Principles of Management taught by Mary Wilkins Jordan. As someone who is already working and manages a staff, this class is beneficial whether you're in the LIS field or not. Additionally, Professor Wilkins Jordan did an amazing job of structuring the class in a meaningful way and communicating with students effectively.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an incoming student?

Get involved! Simmons offers a lot of opportunities to get involved with different groups. Check out the Simmons calendar and attend some of the events. Not engaging with my peers through social and educational events is my biggest regret from my time at Simmons.

How did you balance work and classes?

I had a full time job when I began the LIS program and I took two classes each semester. When classes began, I worked an abbreviated schedule of four days per week. Balancing work and class was always a challenge, but the majority of students are in the same boat, so professors are cognizant of the work/school/life balance. I lived by my day planner for the two years I was taking classes. Although it was overwhelming at times, it was manageable because I planned ahead.

How have your studies at Simmons prepared you for your current work?

I currently work for a nonprofit as a database administrator. Although my job is not directly related to LIS, the skills, strategies and concepts I learned at Simmons easily transfer to my current role. Specifically, the management techniques from Principles of Management and the Database Management courses are most relevant in my day-to-day work. My long-term goal is to transition to either a school or public library.

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