Communications Department Magazine Wins Award

December 15, 2014

CommTracks 2014

CommTracks Magazine won its fifth consecutive Gold Medal from the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association.

The 2014 edition of CommTracks magazine, produced each year by seniors in the Communications Department, won a gold medal from the Columbia University Scholastic Press Association in their annual awards competition for student publications. The magazine also was granted all-Columbian honors for design. The all-Columbian designation is awarded to competitors who score in the top 10% of all entrants in a specific category.

Columbia Scholastic Press Association judges wrote: “I've judged your publication before and always find it informative about your college and what your students have accomplished…The magazine is well designed with consistent use of graphic elements and color. The reporting shows strong journalistic skills. You accomplish your goal of showcasing your students, faculty, and alumnae successfully.”

Communications Department seniors take on all of the editorial and design duties for the annual magazine, which features a different theme each year and showcases their work. The 2014 issue featured profiles on successful Communications Department alumnae and stories on department events and programs.

2014 graduates Hayley Collins, Nafeesa Connolly, Paige Biron, Amy Bliss, Ryann Tufts, Katelyn Allen, Kaitlyn Mazan, and Kate Michaud worked on the publication. Communications faculty members Andy Porter and Judy Richland served as advisors for the project.

CommTracks has won Columbia gold medals for the past five consecutive years.