Creating Community

Simmons College Residence Life, 1902-1965

This exhibit ran in 2016 and is currently closed. For information on the history of Residence Life at Simmons, contact the College Archives.  

Residence life has long been an integral part of the Simmons experience. Throughout the early twentieth century, Simmons accommodated residential students in houses and dormitories on the Residence campus, as well as in houses and apartments in Brookline and around the Fenway.

At first most students were commuters, but as the years passed, more chose to live on campus and larger dormitories were built. To both protect students, and reassure parents, Simmons maintained a strict code of student conduct. Students enjoyed a wide variety of activities on campus, ranging from afternoon teas to participation in dormitory governance to many annual, traditional events.

By the mid-1960s, social change led to greater freedom for Simmons students, who began to participate in more activities away from campus.

This exhibit captures the spirit of dormitory life at Simmons during its first six decades, highlighting the intersection of education, tradition and camaraderie that created the bonds of community and life-long friendship.