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See what attendees of the 2013 Simmons Leadership Conference had to say about their experience.

"Taking the time to attend the Simmons Leadership Conference is a valuable investment in your career and personal life."

"Amazing and empowering."

"An inspirational day for women in leadership roles or those aspiring to be in a leadership role."

"A conference where one can learn strategies and tactics for mapping out a successful, meaningful career path."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is a conference where over 3000 women leaders from across various industries, fields, generations, and walks of life come together to share their stories of success, which they have each uniquely defined for themselves."

"Great thought leadership and provoking dialogue."

"Well done and thought provoking."

"A very inspiring and motivational conference to give you a boost of knowledge and new ideas to help you become the successful woman you want to be."

"A conference targeted at professional women, to inspire and encourage, chock full of FANTASTIC speakers."

"A dialogue about women of influence - being them, becoming them, creating them, nurturing them, empowering them."

"This conference emphasized the impact, importance, and significance of all women in any and all professional environments."

"The knowledge and support gleaned in 1 day at this conference is the highest ROI for any professional woman."

"A day that empowers and motivates professional women by giving them tools to improve their professional and personal lives."

"It's an empowering, inspiring, motivating opportunity which you get to experience with 3,000 other professional women, and take home skills and tools you can implement with your teams, co-workers, as well as in your personal life."

"Phenomenal experience not to be missed."

"An inspiring and empowering event that goes beyond what words can describe."

"This conference is a good networking experience that allows you access to today's cutting-edge thinkers."

"Dynamic, engaging, and enriching experience."

"Thought-provoking, timely and inspirational for women who strive to be the best at what they do."

"A great opportunity to connect with many diverse women leaders and future leaders."

"Inspiring, motivational and totally relevant."

"Go- you will see so many women who are different from you, yet so similar to you!"

"You must attend this conference to enable you to effectively manage your personal and professional life."

"This is the one conference that EVERY woman should attend!"

"A collection of intelligent, passionate, talented women all coming together to share experiences and support our growth."

"An inspiring day that motivated me to go back home and make changes in both my personal and professional life."

"It was a powerful conference where I could relate to thousands of other people like me and walk away feeling richer in spirit and empowered to share my experiences with others."

"Wonderful experience! Great exposure to a diverse range of women's issues and topics."

"Inspiring and uplifting."

"Women inspiring women."

"Insightful and relevant."

"An invigorating call to action that truly inspires women to reach their full potential while acting as catalysts for a brighter future for all!"

"Inspiring, life affirming and influential, we are reminded of what we all 'bring' and what we can all give."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is truly the most empowering and enlightening experience presented by women for women!"

"An amazing day learning from truly inspirational women."

"Amazing investment in yourself."

"A very good opportunity to network and get inspired by the most successful women in the country."

"The Simmons Conference is an excellent tool for all women to ensure they are aware and engaged in forwarding the process of women in business."

"An amazing opportunity to meet successful women who have climbed the corporate ladder and have both succeeded and failed, and to hear how they have done it."

"The conference is a great day for empowerment, encouragement, networking and for meeting women of various ages and different stages of their careers!"

"A day of inspiration and self-renewal as well as an amazing opportunity to gain immediately applicable tools to improve yourself, your career, your professional success."

"The must-attend conference of the year, packed with interesting and inspirational speakers from all walks of life!"

"Opportunity to recharge your batteries, refocus on your career, network outside of your company."

"Best Women's Leadership Conference you can attend."

"If you only had two conferences to attend for development as a professional woman where you can network, learn new skills, and be in the company of other aspiring and inspiring women leaders, Simmons Leadership Conference is the best choice."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference delivers the finest women trailblazers who inspire and motivate us to be our best."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is a positive experience in every way, refreshing, uplifting, a place where women come together as women not race, occupation level or financial status - to share."

"Engaging, inspiring, thought-provoking, well worth the time - professionally AND personally! Thank you."

"Attend, attend, attend, it's so worth it."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is a meeting of women who want to learn, from other women, how to positively enhance their business skills."

"It's an opportunity to feel uplifted and inspired by thousands of accomplished women and a forum for open, frank dialogue."

"A very motivational day - I leave feeling that I can conquer the world!"

"This conference motivates and inspires you to think big and achieve it."

"One day to focus, learn, network and re-energize all in one place."

"It's an event that aims to provide professional advice; and, to encourage and inspire women to have a voice and achieve their career aspirations in the modern working world."

"Absolutely awesome!"

"An inspiring, rewarding day that combines practical, tactical advice with leadership training."

"An outstanding display of leadership and unity amongst professionals who advocate equality for women in the workplace and in society."

"The conference was eye-opening and inspirational..."

"One of the best women's leadership conferences around. The gold standard."

"The Simmons Leadership Conference is a brain trust of some of the most empowering/inspirational speakers and educational content which an attendee can take and apply to their own journey in life and in career."

"If you're open to learning from amazingly intelligent women and want to succeed in your career and continually improve, this conference is for you."

"A riveting day with moments for quiet reflection, personal learning, lively connection, and celebration of the past, present and future of the female workforce."

"Best day of the year because it's all about YOU: YOUR goals, YOUR struggles, YOUR relationships. YOU will leave here reflective and empowered and... determined."

"The best conference to attend - must attend event for women."

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