Community Archives in the Digital Era: Creating the South Asian American Digital Archive

When: Monday, April 28, 2014, 6 pm
Where: Simmons College Main College Building, C101

SAADA is the only independent non-profit organization giving voice to South Asian Americans through documenting, preserving and sharing stories that reflect their diverse experiences. SAADA's digital-only, post-custodial approach to creating a community-based archives re-imagines the potential of the archive in the digital era. By allowing original archival materials to remain with the individuals, organizations or institutions from which they originate, SAADA uses collaboration as a means to greatly expand access, use, and preservation of archival materials. Since the organization's inception in 2008, SAADA has built a digital archive of over 1,600 discrete items, undertaken innovative initiatives like its First Days Project, and through outreach and educational programming has raised awareness about the rich history of South Asians in the United States. The SAADA website received nearly 200,000 visitors from around the world in the last year alone and the organization has been covered by the New York Times, NPR, BBC World Service, India Abroad and other publications both in the U.S. and in South Asia. Samip Mallick, SAADA's Co-Founder and Executive Director, will share stories from the archive and the organization's unique approach to documenting and preserving community history. Learn more about SAADA at

It is being co-sponsored by SCoSAA and SCIRRT.

2014 New England Science Boot Camp for Librarians, June 11-13, 2014

When: Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Where: University of Connecticut, Storrs CT

The 2014 New England Science Boot Camp for Librarians will be held June 11-13 at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT. Science Boot Camp is a fun and affordable 2 1Ž2 day immersion into science topics offering opportunities for librarians and library students interested in science, health sciences, and technology to learn, meet and network in a fun, laid-back atmosphere. Now in its sixth year, the New England Science Boot Camp has been hosted on multiple New England campuses and has been attended by librarians and library students from various regions of the US and beyond—and inspired the development of other Science Boot Camps in the West, Southeast, and Canada!

The topics for this year's SBC science sessions include:
· Pharmaceutical science

· Evolution

· Computer Science

Each science session will include one scientist presenting an overview of the field, a second scientist discussing research applications within the field, and a final half hour librarian-facilitated discussion with the two scientists about their publications, data management, their use of library services, and ideas for new ways that libraries can support their research.

The Capstone session will feature Citizen Science and a breakout session for boot camp attendees to meet with researchers and conduct research interviews with them (back by popular demand!)

What can you expect to get out of Science Boot Camp?
For each of the focus topics covered at Science Boot Camp's science sessions, Science Boot Campers will be able to:
· Explain the structure of the field and its foundational ideas

· Understand and be able to use terminologies for the field

· Identify the big questions that this field is exploring

· Discuss new directions for research in this field

· Discuss what questions research in this field is addressing

· Understand how research is conducted, what instrumentation is used, and how data is captured

· Identify how researchers share information within their fields beyond publications

· Share insights into what current research in the field is discovering and implications of these discoveries

· Share insights into how researchers in specific fields collaborate with librarian subject specialists now and how they might collaborate in the future.

· Identify new ways that librarians can support their research communities

Additionally, following the Capstone session, boot campers will be able to:
· Explain issues and challenges related to conducting Citizen Science research

· Identify common data management concerns of researchers and conduct research interviews at their institutions

Registration for Science Boot Camp will open on April 9th and will be announced, along with the link to the 2014 Science Boot Camp site. Registration fees are $275 for the full 2 1Ž2 days—this applies to both overnight campers and commuters. The one day registration fee is $125.

Are you new to Science Boot Camp? Check out videos and guides from past Science Boot Camps at

12th International Conference on Learning: "Books, Publishing & Libraries," November 8-9, 2014

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Where: Simmons College, Boston MA

Annual conference examining the past, present, and future role of the book. Call for Papers now open for presentations, workshops, and more. Accepted proposals are eligible for submission to peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

For more information please visit

There are currently no events listed. Please check back here soon.