Career Tools

The CEC works with a number of 3rd party providers to make available specific career-related tools that we deem of value to students and alumnae/i. The CEC's coaching staff will work with you to determine which tools are most appropriate for use by you in your career development process and can also help you review and interpret the results you may receive from their use.


CareerSpots Career Spots

These short, web-based videos are fast, informative, and engaging, available 24-7 online, and packed with expert advice from employers, career services professionals, and students and alumni. They cover a broad range of career-related topics, from writing a resume or cover letter, to landing an internship, networking, preparing for a career fair, common interview mistakes, and much more. Over 150 college career centers nationwide use CareerSpots videos to help prepare their students for their job search and career.

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Online Personality Assessments

Do What You Are

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Do What You Are is a proven online personality type assessment. The assessment generates an individualized report that provides you with an explanation of personality type, your natural strengths and blind spots, college satisfiers, career satisfiers, preferred learning style, communication preferences, interpersonal negotiating style, and potential careers and majors. This assessment takes 15 minutes to complete and your report is provided instantly after completion.

To create your account: Visit this page and click Log in at the top right of the screen. To register as a new user, enter the Access Key: 298C2XW and click submit. Then enter the registration information and click Save. Make a note of your username and password for future access to your DWYA portfolio.

For additional information check out this Quick Start Guide

Career and Majors Exploration Tool

What Can I Do with This Major? What Can I Do With This Major Logo

Wondering how to connect majors to careers? Then use "What Can I Do with This Major?" to explore potential majors of interest to you. For each of the over 75 majors covered you can see outlines of common career areas, employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. You can also find a list of websites (and live links to them) that provide additional information on careers for each of the majors covered. You can also print out the career guide to any of the majors.

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Interview Preparation

InterviewStream is the premier provider of video interviewing technology. You can complete pre-recorded video mock interviews that are tailored to help you prepare for your future. Practicing Interviewing skills will give you the knowledge and confidence to land your dream job more easily. You wouldn’t walk into a test without preparing. Why interview that way?

Don't have a web cam? Make an appointment to use InterviewStream in the Career Education Center and take advantage of our web cam. Call 617-521-2488 to schedule a session.

To create your account: Visit this page and click Log in at the top right of the screen. To register as a new user click Register, enter your registration information and click Register. Make a note of your username and password for future access to your InterviewStream account.

For additional information check out this User Guide

Contact the CEC

For more information on any of the above tools and how to use them in your job search or career preparation, or to interpret your results, contact the CEC as follows:

Phone: 617-521-2488