Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Career Education Center (CEC) provide?

The CEC helps students and alumnae with all aspects of career planning and job searching. We provide career coaching through scheduled one-on-one appointments and during Drop-in Hours where students can come without an appointment to get answers to quick questions.

Career coaches can help students determine their major and/or career direction. They also prepare students for their job search through assistance with resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, and negotiating. First-year students are assigned a career coach to help them get started.

The CEC maintains Handshake, a database of employment opportunities including internships, part-time jobs and full-time post graduate positions, as well as fellowships and some volunteer opportunities.

The CEC also has a campus recruiting program. Throughout the year, a wide variety of employers are invited on campus to recruit Simmons students for internship and full-time positions. Employers have an opportunity to present their company, programs, and job openings and meet with students. On-campus interviewing and classroom visits are other employer options.

See the full list of CEC services here.

When should a student start using the CEC?

A student can begin using the CEC anytime in their first year at Simmons. First-year students are assigned a CEC career coach and encouraged to meet with them. Students should use the CEC as their needs dictate, but it's never too early to get started! Look over the STEPS Career Development Plan Checklist for a list of suggested career activities by year.

How does my student schedule a meeting with a career coach 

Students can call 617-521-2488 or stop by our office, in the Center for Student Success on the ground floor of the Lefavour Building, and one of our office assistants will schedule an appointment for them.

How often can a student use the CEC?

Students can use the CEC as often as they like their four years at Simmons. A student may schedule one appointment per week during the school year but can come to Drop-in Hours as often as needed each week.

Does a student's ability to use the CEC end when they graduates?

Simmons alumnae have access to the CEC website and can use CEC services throughout their lifetime. Recent graduates are eligible to use the CEC services for unlimited appointments for a year after they graduate. Other alumnae receive four complimentary appointments per year.

How does the CEC help a student who is undecided about their major or career?

The CEC uses various assessments to help students discover their interests, skills, values and personality type. We'll meet with a student to discuss what's important to them and make suggestions to help decide on a major or starting their career exploration.

How does a student get help with their resume?

A student can make an appointment with a career coach or stop by during Drop-in Hours. A student should review the information in the Career Toolkit on how to Write a Resume and review sample resumes to get started.

Does the CEC offer a course to help students with career development?

Yes. The CEC staff teaches a career preparation course, Humanities 370, that is a requirement for English, History, Modern Language , Philosophy, and Women and Gender Studies majors who enroll in the 370-level internship course for their major. The CEC also teaches career related skill-building workshops that are open to all students. See the CEC Events Calendar for upcoming workshops and other career events.

What are some steps a student should be taking to find a job?

A student can make an appointment to meet with a career coach to get started and review the Job Search Checklist. Here are some important steps they can take:

  1. Update their resume
  2. Review the Informational Interview section on the Explore Majors & Careers page and go on some informational interviews
  3. Create a LinkedIn account and attend a LinkedIn workshop
  4. Compile a target list of companies or organizations that would hire a person with her skills and experience
  5. Attend career fairs and employer information sessions
  6. Develop her "infomercial" and put a networking plan in place
  7. Check Handshake and other online job boards for job postings
  8. Schedule a practice interview session with a career coach
  9. Get organized, stay positive, and consider pursuing several potential employment options.

How do I find out about career-related workshops and events and career fairs?

The CEC maintains an updated calendar of events. You can also check us out on our various social media sites, including our CEC Facebook page and Twitter page. We also advertise on-campus via the Campus Announcements e-mail system, posters, flyers, closed-circuit TV system, and more.

How can I as a parent assist my child with their career development?

Parents play an important role in supporting their children with career development. Be sure to look over the Helping Your Student Succeed page for ideas.