Online @ Simmons

Simmons Online offers career support services to students throughout your time in the program and after graduation. Career development is a valuable tool for you as you consider, define and refine your career goals related to the completion of your program.

What resources and services are available through @Simmons Online Career Services?

Virtual Career Center: The Virtual Career Center is a self-directed career development course, which integrates professional development best practices and allows you to access them anywhere on your own time. Find industry specific job and career development resources to enhance your personal brand, develop competitive application materials, and answer your questions related to your professional growth. The course contains a wealth of downloadable resources, templates and educational content to support you in every step of your career journey. Also, check out the wall of the Virtual Career Center course for new job postings from around the country.

1-on-1 Career Coaching Appointments: Connect directly with a career advisor by phone or via webcam over the platform for an individual appointment to discuss your career goals, your resume, or your networking strategy. During these appointments, our staff can help with résumé reviews, mock interviews, salary negotiation, career goal and path definition, and much more.

Employer Connections: The career services team works with employers and program alumni to help answer key industry questions for you to learn tips and tricks for getting hired. You can work with the career team to help create a networking strategy to engage with alumni and employers alike. You also have access to exclusive job postings.

Webinars: Relevant video webinars are offered throughout your time in the program. Topics include: Crafting your Resume & Cover Letter, Job Search Strategies and Tips, Creating a Personal Brand, Building a Powerful Professional Network, and more. Look for more information in your email and on the Virtual Career Center course wall.

Career Resources: The career services team offers a library of career resources to assist students with application materials and your professional brand development. Resources include guides for interviews, tips for writing résumés and cover letters, templates, and more.

You can access the Virtual Career Center course by clicking the Courses (graduation cap) icon on the left hand side of the 2SC. You can also visit the Career Education Center at any time to explore additional online resources.

InterviewStream: As a student of Simmons University, you have access to InterviewStream, the premier provider of video interviewing technology through the Career Education Center. You can complete pre-recorded video mock interviews that are tailored to help you prepare for your future. To create your account: Visit this page and click Log in at the top right of the screen. To register as a new user click Register, enter your registration information and click Register.

When should I start working on my resume and searching for a job?

Don’t wait until graduation to start utilizing these resources -- here’s your recommended action plan:

First term
  1. Familiarize yourself with the materials and resources in the Career Services Hub course in 2SC under “My Courses” so you know where to go when you need them.
  2. Update your current resume to include your graduate program and expected graduation date.
Two terms before graduating
  1. Create a target organization/role list to narrow where you’re looking for a job after graduation. 
  2. Create your networking action plan to start developing inroads at those organizations. Consult the alumni network for warm introductions or informational interviews. 
  3. Refresh yourself on cover letters, interviewing skills, and job negotiation tactics. 
  4. Finalize your resume with your GPA, relevant internships and coursework.