Career Toolkit

The purpose of the Career Toolkit is to assist you in your career planning. Whether you are unsure of your career direction or need help with your job search or with applying to post-graduate programs, you will find the resources you need to begin your preparation here:

Assess Who You Are

Understanding yourself is the first step in identifying a good fit for a satisfying career. To help you learn more about yourself, start with assessment to identify your values, interests, key relationships, personality traits, and personal and professional goals. The assessment exercises and instruments will help you uncover important themes in order to identify careers and industries to explore. Your goal will be to seek a position that uses your greatest strengths and provides you with professional growth and opportunity.

Explore Careers

Career exploration is about gathering quality information as ingredients of good decision-making result in a good fit. If you are unclear about your career it usually means that you just don't have enough information. The more knowledge you have, both about yourself and the opportunities in the world of work, the more focused you become and the better will be your decisions.

Write a Resume

Your resume is a professional marketing tool to introduce you to potential employers when you apply for internships, leadership roles, and job postings on and off campus. Learn how to write a concise, well-prepared resume and review online resources for guidance on proper format and content that will make a great first impression.

Write a Job Search Letter

Just as you do with your resume, it is important to compose well thought-out, customized letters during a job search. The cover letter will accompany your resume when you apply for a job opening and you will write a thank you note following an interview. Gather tips on job search letters, view sample letters and learn more about e-mail etiquette before you apply for a job online.

Optimize Your Networking

Whether you are exploring careers, looking for a job or internship, or seeking professional development opportunities, purposeful conversations with others will move you closer to reaching your goals. Learn how to do informational interviews and gain more confidence in building professional relationships.

Prepare to Interview

As with most aspects of a job search, preparation is also the key to a successful interview. Learn how to manage the interview process effectively, how to prepare for traditional and behavioral interview questions, and become more confident in your ability to interview well.

Pursue an Internship

Whether you want to explore a career direction or gain valuable experience in your chosen field, an internship can be an important part of your career preparation. Learn how to find and apply for internships and review the many online resources with internship postings.

Manage Your Job Search

There is more to a successful job search than applying for posted positions. Learn how to create a job search plan and leverage your time and energy to land a job or internship that's a good fit with your career goals.