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Preparing our students to build successful careers and lead meaningful lives has been Simmons' mission for over 100 years. Faculty, who are on the front lines of providing academic support and career advising, serve as both advisors and mentors around career choice, preparation, and graduate school options.

Both faculty and staff serve as role models of professionals in their chosen fields. The CEC is your partner in the vital work of supporting and guiding students in their career development and learning.

Faculty Advising and the CEC

As career development professionals, the CEC staff offers our expertise to complement your efforts within academic departments, as reflected in our mission statement:

A vital link between academic preparation and career readiness, the Career Education Center helps students and alumnae/i develop the skills and knowledge, both of themselves and the workplace, for informed, effective lifelong career management.

Undergraduate faculty are often faced with answering questions such as "What can I do with a degree in ____?" and "Should I apply for graduate education and which program will best connect to career opportunities?" With Simmons' strong emphasis on the Independent Learning Requirement (ILR), you are also charged with facilitating internships, field work, and research projects as part of a student's academic program. The ILR is a valuable advantage to Simmons students as they explore careers and test and build skills important to employers today, skills such as oral and written communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork.

As outlined here, the CEC is here to provide services, resources, and support to faculty and staff across all these areas.

The Student Career Learning Community

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The CEC also sees its role as an integral part of the broader Student Career Learning Community at Simmons, where students have multiple touch points for career learning. It is important for the whole Simmons community to communicate to our students that career education is both ongoing and lifelong.

5 Step Career Development Model

The CEC uses a 5 Step Career Development Model that can be integrated within the academic programs just as we do in our own CEC programs. Two examples of this, which can serve as a reference point for faculty, are the STEPS Career Development Plan recommended for all undergraduates, and the Humanities 370 Career Preparation Course that the CEC developed and teaches.

In-Class Workshops

Faculty often invite the CEC staff to teach in-class career workshops that complement their academic programs. You can select topics from a full complement of skill-building, career exploration, and other programs designed to meet your specific needs. Visit the In-Class Workshops page to learn more.

CEC Services

For a full list of the CEC services and resources for faculty and staff, including career development and employer events, job and internship listings, library career resources and services, and more visit the CEC Services page.

Contact Us

Please contact the CEC for any career-related questions or concerns you may have:

PH: 617-521-2488
FX: 617-521-3753

To contact a specific CEC staff member, see our Meet the Staff page.

We look forward to working with you!