About Simmons

Simmons at a Glance

Simmons University is a nationally distinguished small university founded in 1899 and located in the heart of Boston. Our undergraduate program provides exceptional liberal arts education and pre-professional programs integrated with career preparation for approximately 2,000 women.


Simmons also offers coeducational graduate programs both on-the-ground and online for over 8,000 students across four colleges.

The Simmons Difference

At Simmons, we prepare our students to add value to your organization immediately. In fact, preparing our students to build successful careers and lead meaningful lives has been Simmons' mission for over 100 years, going back to founder John Simmons' original vision to create an institution of higher learning to educate women for independent livelihoods.

Today's Simmons students receive extraordinary professional preparation, with an emphasis on intellectual exploration, analytical skills, integrated with real-world experience. We are dedicated to preparing students for success in their chosen profession, thereby providing you with exceptional candidates for employment. This preparation has secured our excellent reputation among employers in such fields as biotechnology, health care, business, publishing, broadcasting, finance, the arts, information science, government, and education.

Experiential learning is central to each student's experience at Simmons. Our students gain practical experience through internships, clinical placements, practicums, field study, service learning, and study abroad. Our location in the heart of Boston enables students to secure part-time, summer, and internship opportunities while studying for their degrees, so that they gain the experience they need to succeed in a variety of workplaces.

It all adds up to what we call "The Simmons Difference."

Simmons Students and the Workplace

Blessed by our location in the heart of one of the nation's most vibrant urban areas, over the years Simmons has forged deep and lasting partnerships with many of the city's and region's major employers. This means that Simmons students and graduates can be found working in organizations throughout the region. We also seek out and work with newer, start-up enterprises that represent the region's innovation economy and future growth, as well as employers beyond the Massachusetts and New England borders — in fact, beyond US borders as well. Simmons students and graduates can be found everywhere.

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