Annual Giving

The Simmons Fund

The Simmons Fund has an Immediate Impact

Unrestricted dollars and expendable scholarship dollars from alumnae/i, family, and friends play a vital role in sustaining Simmons, each and every day of each and every year.

The Simmons Fund allows everyone – no matter his or her means, no matter the size of the gift – the opportunity to give back.

Since gifts to The Simmons Fund support the overall operating budget – which includes scholarships for Simmons students, faculty research, and classroom supplies – a gift to The Simmons Fund in any amount represents a particularly powerful vote of confidence in the University.

What your gift supports

Athletics & Daly Field

Supporting athletics: To reach their full potential, our scholar athletes need reliable access to state-of-the-art playing fields. That dream will become a reality next year at Daly Field in Brighton. The Simmons commitment to innovation and community inspired us to join with state and local partners to renovate and share Daly Field. Your gift to The Simmons Fund for Athletics & Daly Field will make you part of the “dream team” creating this extraordinary opportunity for our scholar athletes.

Passionate Leaders

Passionate Leaders provides our students opportunities to accomplish a goal related to their leadership development. Whether they choose a traditional experience such as study abroad or an internship or prefer to start their own business or solve a community problem through mentored research, your gift to The Simmons Fund for Passionate Leaders will have made it possible.


Simmons was founded with the goal of increasing women's access to higher education. For more than a century, Simmons has succeeded in enrolling an increasingly diverse population of bright, qualified students eager to pursue their education and career goals. The most effective tool the College has to promote access and increase enrollment is financial aid.

Simmons has created the innovative Cohort Scholars Program, which provides an annual named scholarship to one or more students throughout their four years at Simmons. Each year, a student is added to the Cohort until recipients at the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior level are all receiving aid. When one student graduates, another is added until the funds are depleted.

Cohort examples include:

  • $160,000 – will provide a $10,000 scholarship to four students throughout their four years.
  • $240,000 – will provide a $15,000 scholarship to four students throughout their four years.
  • $400,000 – will provide a $25,000 scholarship to four students throughout their four years.

Naming opportunities for endowed scholarships and fellowships include:

  • $100,000 – Minimum endowment to create in perpetuity a named scholarship fund for undergraduate or graduate student(s) based on need and/or merit.
  • $1 million – Founder's Scholarship Program. Provides in perpetuity tuition assistance to a cohort of named scholars.

Donors interested in supporting financial aid at Simmons University with gifts of less than $100,000 are able to direct their valuable support to the Simmons Scholarship Fund or pre-established Scholarship Funds.