Department of Sociology

The sociology department offers students a framework to view social processes from a grounded and critical perspective. Our curriculum inculcates strong theoretical and methodological skills, and by using the knowledge drawn from the department's thematic areas, students learn ways to apply these skills toward social equity and leadership.

The department emphasizes critical reading, thinking, and writing and offers substantial training in research methods and independent learning. We support interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and thinking and work in collaboration with women's studies, Africana studies, international relations, and related fields toward a well rounded and rigorous liberal arts education. The department attracts students who are committed to social justice as an intellectual and activist pursuit.

Sociology majors are encouraged to study abroad for at least one semester, write a senior thesis or a portfolio, be proficient in a second language in addition to English, and treat community service/activism as integral to their studies. Many of our students continue studies in sociology and related fields at the graduate level, either immediately or in the future.

Programs in this Department: