Center for Research in Health Policy and Management

The Center for Research in Health Policy and Management is part of a major commitment of the School of Business to the advancement of academic programs and research in health policy and management. The Center addresses a diverse set of healthcare issues, generally with the purpose of using economics and other social sciences to understand and evaluate the health system management and health policy.

The work of the Center includes

Research and Evaluation

The center is the home in the school for such studies as evaluations of Medicare pricing and of physician performance measures (Professor Coulam), for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; studies of policy options for Malaria prevention in Africa for the Gates Foundation (Professor Gaumer), and advisory work and training for the Kosovo government on health system strengthening, funded by the World Bank (Professor Gaumer).

Collaborations with Students

The center faculty encourage student research in the form of faculty supervision of research papers.

Health Care Forums

Twice each year, the Center and the School of Business host a Health Care Forum, addressing important topics in health policy and management. Recent events have discussed such issues as whether we can improve quality but control costs in healthcare, the liberal and conservative arguments on Health Reform, and reflections on the nature of disparities and what hospitals can do to respond. In each case, the forum brings two or more distinguished speakers to discuss and debate these issues from their extensive experience and research.

Past Forums:

Robert Coulam

PhD, JD, Professor of Practice and Director