Undergraduate Requirements

Undergraduate students' official class level is determined by number of credits completed, including transfer credit. Class level does not take into account credits currently in progress.

Class Breakdown by Credits:

  • Fewer than 32 credits: First-year student
  • 32 to 63 credits: Sophomore
  • 64 to 95 credits: Junior
  • 96+ credits: Senior

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Undergraduate students should follow the requirements in the Course Catalog for the year that they began their career at Simmons. Students who have withdrawn or been excluded from the University and are subsequently re-admitted must follow the catalog requirements for the year of their re-admission.

Traditional First-Year students entering Simmons in the Fall 2015 semester and afterwards should follow the PLAN Curriculum for their all-University requirements. All Dix Scholars and Transfer Students, as well as Traditional First-Year admits who began before Fall 2015, should follow the requirements below.

Degree Requirements (prior to Fall 2015 or prior to Fall 2017 for Transfer Students and Dix Scholars):

  • Completion of 128 semester hours with a passing evaluation from the Department Chair of declared major: students must have a Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00, calculated from all courses taken at Simmons using the letter grade system.
  • First-Year Program: (Transfer and Dix Scholar students should check their Transfer Credit Evaluation Form to determine which of these requirements they need to complete).
    • First Year Experience (FYS) 101 University Seminar
    • First Year Experience (FYS) 102 University Writing I
    • First Year Experience (FYS) 103 University Writing II
  • US and Global Diversity Requirement: one 4 credit course that addresses issues of power and privilege from multiple perspectives.
  • Competency in Basic Mathematics.
  • Language: Students must take up to three semesters of a modern language (through 201) in order to fulfill the requirement. (Dix Scholars are exempt from completing this requirement).
  • Majors (at least 28 semester hours). Major should be declared in the sophomore year and must be declared before you enter your junior year, or complete 80 institutional credits.
  • Minors (optional) (20 semester hours).
  • Modes of Inquiry: (one course from each mode required)
    • Mode 1 — Creative and Performing Arts
    • Mode 2 — Language, Literature, and Culture
    • Mode 3 — Quantitative Analysis and Reasoning
    • Mode 4 — Scientific Inquiry
    • Mode 5 — Social and Historical Perspectives
    • Mode 6 — Psychological and Ethical Development
  • Independent Learning (at least 8 semester hours)
    • Independent Study
    • Thesis
    • Integrative Seminar
    • Field-Based Independent Learning (no more than 16 semester hours):
      • Internship
      • Fieldwork/Practicum
  • iComps Simmons technology competency requirement (cannot be transferred in) Online exam following study of materials posted to eLearning - Simmons Community Intranet. Exam offered at least twice a year
  • Financial Empowerment (attend one seminar or complete SALT online modules before completion of degree)

Undergraduate Major & Minor Declaration

All undergraduate students must declare a major and fulfill the requirements of that major to be considered for graduation. Students may declare their majors any time after they have earned 32 credits and must declare a major before completing 80 credits. Students may declare a second major or a minor at any time.

How to Declare

To declare a major, students must fill out the Declaration of Major form, have the form signed by the Department Head for that major and by their academic advisor for that major, and return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar, C-116 in the Main College Building. Students may alternatively email a scanned copy of the signed form.

Note that students admitted as first-year students to the Nursing program do not need to declare their Nursing majors.

To declare a minor, students must fill out the Declaration of Minor form, have the form signed by the Department Head for that minor, and return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar, C-116 in the Main College Building. Students may alternatively email a scanned copy of the signed form.

Dropping Majors or Minors

To drop a major or minor, a student must fill out the Declaration of Major or Declaration of Minor form and check the "remove" box for the major or minor they wish to drop. Signatures other than the student's own are not required to drop a major or minor.

Fulfilling Major and Minor Requirements

Students must fulfill the requirements for their declared majors and minors as listed in the Course Catalog for the year they began at Simmons. Students must fulfill all requirements to be approved for graduation by the department. Students wishing to use alternative coursework to fulfill a major or minor requirement may seek to do so at the discretion of the Department by using the Major/Minor Exemption Approval Form and turning the form into the Office of the Registrar via email with all required signatures.

Senior Audit Requirements

Every Undergraduate student must submit a completed Senior Audit form (Modes of Inquiry for first-time students starting prior to 2015 and transfer students and Dix Scholars starting prior to Fall 2017) before being considered for graduation. Failure to pass in a Senior Audit will exclude you from the graduation list.Senior Audits are due on March 31st, the calendar year before you wish to earn your degree.

What is a Senior Audit?

  • This form is extremely important to start the process of auditing your account to make sure you have met all of the All-College requirements needed for graduation. If you don't submit a Senior Audit, you will not be included on the graduation list and your account will not be audited for graduation.

How do I fill out a Senior Audit?

It's much easier than you think! The Senior Audit form mirrors Degree Audit on Workday, listed under the Student Menu. The following steps will help walk you through filling out your Senior Audit:

  1. Log into Workday through workday.simmons.edu
  2. Under the "Student Menu," click "Degree Audit" (12th option down from the top)
  3. Using the information there, you will be able to fill in your Senior Audit
  • Questions about how many credits you have? You can look at your unofficial transcript on Workday.
  • Did you transfer in some of these requirements? You can simply write "through transfer credit" in those fields.
  • Specific questions about your original transfer credit evaluation can be emailed.
  • Are you unsure about what to write in some areas? We're here to help! You can always stop by the office, call, or email us.

How do I submit a Senior Audit?

  • You will need to sign your Audit, and obtain your Advisor's signature.
  • If your Advisor is on sabbatical or away from campus, your Department Chairperson can sign your Senior Audit for you.
  • Submit your completed Senior Audit to the Office of the Registrar in person, by email, mail, or fax, by March 31st the calendar year before you wish to earn your degree.

Important Reminders

  • Check "View my Profile" on Workday to make sure your major(s) and minor(s) are declared and appear as you would like. If not, you will need to submit a Declaration of Major and/or Minor form with your Senior Audit. We can't audit your account if your major(s)/minor(s) are not declared.
  • Every student must fulfill the Senior Financial Empowerment requirement. This is a graduation requirement. Don't forget to initial the box on your Senior Audit indicating you are aware that you must complete the online SALT modules.