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  • J.D. Harvard Law School
  • Ph.D. Harvard Kennedy School
  • B.A. Harvard University

About Me

Dr. Coulam has been an academic and researcher for 35 years. He was formerly a Principal at Abt Associates, where he managed large-scale research and evaluation projects on Medicare and Medicaid policy issues. He has been active in research efforts supporting recent federal initiatives to reform the Medicare program and an advisor to federal agencies on health reform initiatives. ​He led the technical support team for Medicare’s demonstration of competitive pricing for health plans in the late 1990s. He has been active in research efforts supporting recent federal initiatives to reform the Medicaid and Medicare programs, to develop and evaluate quality  measures for physician services, and to evaluate markets for individual and small group health insurance under federal health reform.  His most recent publications focus on the technical, legal, and political problems of applying competitive pricing to Medicare.  Dr. Coulam's work has been published in Health Services Research, Health Affairs, Health Care Financing Review, Journal of Health Policy Politics and Law, and other health services research journals.  At Simmons, his primary responsibilities are to enhance the Health Care MBA program's research activities and funding and to teach courses in health policy, health law, and the health system. He also does work on international human rights, focused on issues of interrogation, morality, and terrorism.

What I Teach

  • MBAH 575 Health Policy
  • MBAH 480  The Health System
  • MBAH 481  Health Law and Ethics
  • GSM 412  Business, Government, and the Global Economy

Research/Creative Activities

Racial and Gender Discrimination in Hospital Senior Management

Professor of Practice Robert Coulam and Associate Professor Gary Gaumer continue their long-standing econometric research on inequity in management opportunities in U.S. hospitals, using data from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In 2009, they published an initial paper on racial inequity in hospital management. With additional funding support from Simmons they are now able to study discrimination using new EEOC data that reports gender and race for all hospital managers and senior managers.

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