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Professor of Practice, Social Work
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  • MSW
  • PhD

About Me

I am delighted to be beginning my fifth year as a full time faculty member after 23 years as an adjunct here at Simmons School of Social Work. When then Professor Sophie Freud initially suggested that I teach the Psychopathology course (now Assessment and Diagnosis) while I was a doctoral candidate at Simmons, I told her that I had never really considered teaching and wasn’t sure it was such a good idea. She countered with, “this is an offer you can’t refuse” and her wisdom was clear as I quickly found that teaching became one of the greatest pleasures of my social work career. 

Following graduation from Smith School for Social Work, I worked for almost twenty years at a community mental health center in a poor and working class town. My clinical work was with adults, families, groups and emergency services and I dealt with a variety of issues including many people with severe mental illness and their families. During that time Cambodian refugees moved into the community and we were actively involved in trying to provide culturally meaningful mental health services to them.

Like many others in our field, the direction of my work has been constantly evolving. Initially after graduation, I received training and became very involved with family therapy. Later, as I became more attuned to connecting the various parts of myself in my work, I wove in my curiosity about integrating spiritual/religious issues and psychotherapy. I joined the Jewish Therapists Network and taught in the Certificate Program for Jewish Communal and Clinical Social Work at Simmons. Other areas of special interest to me have included social work ethics, working with couples, mindfully connecting theory to practice and the use of movies as a powerful learning tool. Appreciating the meaning of work and the workplace was a central focus during the ten years that I consulted to the staff at the Federal Employee Assistance Program.

Most recently, I have been intrigued with relational aspects of social work supervision. I have given presentations and consulted on this topic and in the summers I teach in the Certificate Program for Advanced Clinical Supervision at Smith School for Social Work. While I no longer supervise students and staff in an agency setting, I have been able to continue a significant amount of clinical consultation to practitioners as well as consulting to staff at South Shore Mental Health Center which afforded me the ability to work again in a community mental health setting.

I believe that to most effectively teach I need to be directly involved in the work and that my ongoing clinical experiences enrich the learning in the classroom. I have found Simmons to be a wonderfully supportive, interesting and committed community that truly cares about helping students to be skillful, thoughtful and caring social workers. I am excited to be part of this community and to contribute to the professional growth of future social workers.

What I Teach


  • SW 441 Assessment and Diagnosis
  • SW 584 Psychodynamic Perspectives
  • SW 424 Advanced Clinical Practice
  • SW 411 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • SW 577 Social Work with Groups
  • SW 578 Perspectives on Severe and Persistent Mental illness

Research/Creative Activities

My areas of interest are: Direct clinical practice, supervision, spirituality and religion and social work, ethical issues in practice, working with couples, working with persons with severe mental illness and their families.


Selected Presentations

Jungreis, K. (2011). Addressing issues of interfaith families. Presented at Ikkarim Faculty at Hebrew College, Newton Centre, MA.

Jungreis, K. (2011). Addressing spirituality in psychotherapy. Presented at the Simmons University Alumni Chapter, New York, NY.

Jungreis, K. (2011). The stars we steer by: Discussing theory in supervision. Presented at the NECON Workshop at Simmons University, Boston, MA.

Jungreis, K. (2011). Uses of self: Aspects of religion, spirituality in psychotherapy. Presented at the Danielsen Institute at Boston University, Boston, MA.

Jungreis, K. (2010). Relational supervision. Presented at the South Shore Mental Health Center, Boston, MA.

Jungreis, K. (2009). Relational supervision. Presented at the Dana-Farber Social Work Department, Boston, MA.

Jungreis, K. (2009). The use of film in supervision. Presented at the South Shore Mental Health Center, Quincy, MA.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Private Practice - 1986-Present
South Shore Mental Health Center - Clinical Consultant - 2008-2010