John Quattrochi

Assistant Professor and [email protected] Program Director
  • Public Health
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  • Harvard School of Public Health ScD
  • Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania BS

About Me

My research interests include: interventions to improve population health in low-income, high-mortality societies; women’s empowerment; causal inference; epidemiology; political economy; spatial analysis; and simulation modeling.  Much of my work focuses on one particular part of the world in order to (1) better understand the local politics, culture, and economy, and (2) build stronger relationships with local scientists, policy-makers, and activists. I chose the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) because it is relatively understudied due to long periods of war, remoteness from centers of scholarship, and a scarcity of English-speakers.

My winding path to Simmons went something like this: from kindergarten through 12th grade, I attended public schools in five American states (VA, WA, MA, CA, SC). I graduated with a B.S. in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and then studied ecology and evolutionary biology for one year at the University of Naples (Italy) Federico II as a Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholar. Seeking practical research experience, I managed an aquatic ecology lab for one year at Florida International University, looking at how food webs respond to human impacts. Then, wanting to apply ecology to global health, I spent a year studying malaria mosquito ecology at the Uganda Virus Research Institute (Entebbe, Uganda) as a Fulbright Fellow. For my doctorate at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Global Health & Population, I wrote my dissertation on child mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, during which time I lived for 6 months in The Gambia. I then lived in Bukavu, DRC for a year as a research fellow in development economics for Wageningen University (Netherlands). My non-academic jobs along the way were: community organizer, waiter, sandwich-maker, barista, landscaper, newspaper delivery dude, camp counselor, and tutor.

What I Teach

  • Global health & political economy (MPH)
  • Epidemiology (MPH & undergrad)
  • Biostatistics (MPH)
  • Intro to Statistics (undergrad)

Research/Creative Activities


Quattrochi, J,P., Van der Windt, P., Voors, M., and Bisimwa, G. “Effects of humanitarian assistance on mental and physical health, social cohesion, and resilience: evidence from an RCT in the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Working paper

Quattrochi, J., Salomon, J.A., Hill, K., Castro, M.C. 2019. Measuring and correcting bias in indirect estimates of under-5 mortality in populations affected by HIV/AIDS: a simulation study. BMC Public Health. In press. 

Quattrochi, J., Biaba, R., Nordås, R., Østby, G., Alldén, S., Cikara, A., Namegabe, E. and Amisi, C., 2019. Effects of an empowerment program for survivors of sexual violence on attitudes and beliefs: evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo. International journal for equity in health, 18(1), p.149.

Amisi, C., Biaba, R., Cikara, A., Ostby, G., Nordas, R., Rustad, S. and Quattrochi, J. 2018. The impact of support programs for survivors of sexual violence on social inclusion: Micro-level evidence from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Medicine, Conflict, and Survival. 34(3): 201-223. 

Quattrochi J.P., Jasseh M., Mackenzie G., Castro M.C.. 2015. Spatial analysis of under-5 mortality and potential risk factors in the Basse Health and Demographic Surveillance System, the Gambia. Trop Med Int Health. 20(7): 941-51