Joel Lombard

Assistant Professor - BIOL.
  • Biology

About Me

In 2015 I received my PhD in Exercise physiology and before that I received my Masters in Strength and Conditioning. My undergraduate degree was also in Exercise Science, are you starting to see a theme here? I have been passionate about exercise, and more specifically resistance exercise for a very long time. As I have matured in the field, so has my weightlifting philosophy. I have come to have a great respect for the role that proper movement mechanics plays in determining athletes risk for injury. I believe that if athleticism is the house, the ability to move appropriately is the foundation. My past experiences have set me up to be successful both as an Exercise Physiologist working in the lab and as a Strength Coach working in the weight room. I have worked in cell biology at the Performance Optimization Research Lab (PORT), where I spent time growing skeletal muscle tissue samples and performing experiments on them. I have also spent time interning as an assistant strength coach at Springfield College and Holy Cross. The field of Exercise Physiology is vast and I am excited to have been given the opportunity to explore many of the different aspects of it. Equipped with this experience I am pleased to be able to now share it with future Exercise Scientist! I spent my first year teaching at Castleton University where I wrote a grant and was able to get some equipment moved into the lab as well improved the human performance lab by adding a power rack and other equipment. I am excited to bring that same energy to Simmons University.

What I Teach

  • EXSC 150 Form and Function: Resistance Training
  • Strength & Conditioning (EXSC 233)
  • Exercise Physiology Lab (BIOL-332L-02)
  • Kinesiology (BIOL-362)
  • Found. of Exer & Health Lab (BIOL-246L-02