Hugo Kamya

Professor of Social Work & Fulbright Scholar
  • School of Social Work
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  • M.Div.
  • M.S.W.
  • Ph.D.

Research/Creative Activities

Caring across communities; the psychological impact of war; children living in families with HIV/AIDS; culturally competent family therapy; culturally competent services for immigrants and refugees; youth violence related to HIV/AIDS; interracial relations; spirituality in therapy.

  • Boston Institute for Culturally Affirming Practices (BICAP) 1995-Present
  • Center for Career Ministry and Development (CCDM) 2011-Present
  • Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology (CMTP) 1995-Present
  • Advocates, Inc. 2004-Present

What I Teach

  • SW 424 - Advanced Clinical Practice
  • SW 475 - Narrative Approaches
  • SW 577 - Social Work With Groups


Selected Publications

Kamya, H. (2012). The cultural universality of narrative techniques in the creation of meaning. In B. MacKin, E. Newman, J. Fogler, & T. Keane (Eds). Trauma therapy in context: The science and craft of evidence based practice. (pp. 231-246). Washington, D.C: American Psychological Association.

Kamya, H. (2012). Motivational interviewing: A key ingredient of supervision. Field Educator, 1(2).

Kamya, H. (2012). HIV/AIDS: The Global Pandemic. In M. Healy, & R. Link (Eds.), Handbook of International Social Work. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Kamya, H. (2011). The impact of war on children: The psychology of displacement and exile. In B. Kelle (Ed.), Interpreting Exile: Interdisciplinary Studies of Displacement and Deportation in Biblical and Modern Contexts. (pp.235-249). Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature Press.

Kamya, H., & White, E. (2011). Expanding cross-cultural understanding of suicide among immigrants: The case of the Somali. Families in Society, 92(4), 419-425.

Kamya, H. (2010). Underlying principles of helping in the HIV field. In C. Poindexter (Ed.), Handbook of HIV and Social Work: Principles, Practice, and Populations. London: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Kamya, H. (2009). The impact of war on children: How children make meaning from war experiences. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, 7(2), 211-216.

Kamya, H., & Poindexter, C. (2009). Mama Jaja: The stresses and strengths of HIV-affected Ugandan grandmothers. Social Work in Public Health, 24, 1-19.

Kamya, H. (2008). Healing from refugee trauma: The significance of spiritual beliefs, faith community, and faith-based services. In F. Walsh (Ed.), Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy. (2nd ed.). New York: Guilford Press.

Kamya, H. & Mirkin, M.(2008). Working with immigrant and refugee families. In M. McGoldrick & K. Hardy (Eds.), Revisioning Family Therapy: Race,Culture and Gender in Clinical Practice. (2nd ed., pp. 311-326). New York: Guilford Press.

Selected Presentations

Kamya, H. (2012, September) Community Organizing and Empowerment: Toward Social Change. Participatory Democracy and Social Development. Presented at the International Conference of ICSD European Branch and Free University of Bolzano. Bresanonne, Italy.

Kamya, H. (2012, May). Integrating spirituality in clinical practice: Enhancing an ethic of care. Presented at Grand Rounds, Beth Israel Medical Center. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2012, April). Operation male impact: Uplifting men for a better future Presented at Dimmock Community Health Center. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2012, April). The impact of war on children and families in conflict zones: Priorities and perspectives of youth in war and post-war Africa. Presented at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

Kamya H. (2012, March). Spiritual resources for healing and transformation. Presented at Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston, MA

Kamya, H. (2012, March). The impact of war on children and youth: Cultural bereavement and trauma treatment. Presented at Barry University. Miami, FL.

Kamya, H. (2012, March). Understanding trauma for refugees and immigrants: Cross-cultural treatment of trauma. Presented at Simmons University, Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2011, November). Exile and social disruption in refugees, asylum seekers and asylees: Lessons from the field with children caught in armed conflicts, torture, survivors, reuniting with family, and women who have experiences female genital cutting. Presented at the 27th Annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Baltimore, MD.

Kamya, H. (2011, November). The intersection of HIV/AIDS and the oppression of women. Presented at the University of Connecticut, School of Social Work on World AIDS Day.

Kamya, H. (2011, September). Emerging Uganda diaspora challenges and opportunities: Implications for parenting and psychological awareness. Chicago, IL.

Kamya, H. (2011, September). Understanding the trauma of immigrants and refugees: Cross cultural trauma treatment. Presented at Suffolk University. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2011, March). HIV, trauma and violence. Presented at the AIDS Action Committee. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2011, February). International social work and partnerships. Presented at Salem University. Salem, MA.

Kamya, H. (2011, February). Motivational interviewing: A key ingredient to supervision and direct care. Presented at Simmons University. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2011, January). Developing effective international partnerships. Presented at the International Consortium for Social Development. Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Kamya, H. (2010, October). Trauma: Practice and prevention issues for at-risk African immigrant populations. Presented at CSWE, APM. Portland, OR.

Kamya, H. (2010, May). Expanding cross-cultural understanding of suicide prevention among immigrant populations: The case of the Somali. Presented at MacLean Hospital.

Kamya, H. (2010, March). Cultural and racial micro-aggressions in clinical practice. Presented at the Andover-Newton Theological Institute. Newton, MA.

Kamya, H. (2009, November). Developing effective international partnerships. Presented at CSWE, APM. San Antonio, TX.

Kamya, H. (2009, September). Culturally responsive approaches to spirituality and peace psychology. Presented at the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Boston, MA.

Kamya, H. (2009, June). Tapping spiritual resources in healing and resilience. Presented at the American Family Therapy Academy. New Orleans, LA.

Kamya, H. (2009, May). Are social workers ready for suicide prevention?: Suicide among immigrant populations. Sturbridge, MA.

Kamya, H. (2009, April). How we are transformed accompanying others on their journeys toward healing and transformation. Presented at the 18th Annual Culture Conference, Multicultural Family Institute, entitled Trauma, Survival, Healing and Transformation. Piscataway, NJ.

Kamya, H. (2009, March). HIV/AIDS: The impact on orphans and vulnerable children in Africa. Arlington, MA.

Kamya, H. (2009, March). Religion, coping and subjective well-being: Lessons from Katrina and internally displaced persons camps in Uganda.

Kamya, H. (2009, February). War trauma: Cross-cultural bereavement and treatment implications. Presented at the University of Massachusetts. Boston, MA.