Bob Zwolinski

Adjunct Faculty
  • Mathematics, Computing, and Statistics

About Me

Robert (Bob) Zwolinski holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Buffalo, SUNY, joining Simmons adjunct faculty to teach Computer Science as a second career. His IT experience includes the travel, database, application performance, CRM, financial, news and e-commerce industries.

As a software engineer, Bob frequently participated in college recruiting, university outreach and internship programs, visiting universities to engage students studying Computer Science and advising hundreds of undergraduates preparing for careers in software engineering.

Bob is a full-stack software engineer with experience developing transaction processing systems, database management systems, programming languages and debuggers, performance measurement services and web applications. He was an individual contributor in the team that designed, developed and sold the first distributed airline passenger services system built to run on commodity hardware.

As an engineering manager and engineering director, Bob advanced the careers of his engineers by aligning project work to promote growth of their professional and technical skills. While acting as product and program manager, he harnessed the talents of inter-company teams to conceptualize and deliver new products.

Bob is drawn to complex software system design. His favorite topics in Computer Science are: software engineering using C++, Python and Java; algorithms; machine learning; job management; distributed and mobile computing; open source; and the Linux and Mac operating systems.