Women's and Gender Studies Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation students with a B.A in Women’s and Gender Studies will have gained the following skills, knowledge, and abilities:

  • Critical-Historical Awareness: Students will be adept at considering gender in diverse national and international contexts as a result of studying the multiple and contested meanings and roles of gender from a historical, a multidisciplinary, and a transnational perspective, and will have developed an understanding of how gender is related to other social categories such as race, ethnicity, social class, sexuality, religion, and nationality. 
  • Interdisciplinary Content: Students will have acquired theoretical, methodological, and empirical perspectives for studying and critically analyzing the history, status, and experiences of women from diverse backgrounds. 
  • Disciplinary Skills: Students will be skilled at integrating theory and practice and will be able to communicate effectively in both writing and speaking. 
  • Practical Skills: Through independent learning or internships, students will be prepared to enter the workplace, graduate programs, and community-based volunteer work with an understanding of social justice issues informed by interdisciplinary scholarship and perspectives. 
  • Leadership Skills: Students will continue in leadership roles that they have either begun or further developed while at Simmons.