Gender and Cultural Studies Learning Outcomes

Theoretical Competency: Analytical and Critical Skills Disciplinary goal: Students display fluency and competency with respect to understanding, analyzing, comparing, critically evaluating, and applying various theoretical frameworks.

Students will be able to:

  • Formulate and defend a position within a theoretical framework 
  • Critically examine social, cultural, ethical, and/or political issues from multiple perspectives including from a global, national, and local perspectives 
  • Conduct analyses that address the intersections of gender, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and nationality 

Content Knowledge of Disciplines of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies

Disciplinary goal: Students demonstrate knowledge of the history, core concepts, main themes, and central figures in the fields of gender theory and cultural studies Students will be able to ….

  • Articulate knowledge of the core concepts, central figures, and different theoretical frameworks of feminist thought, gender studies, and cultural studies 
  • Articulate the connections and dynamics between gender, race, sexuality etc. theories and practices
  • Situate gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. in broader historical and geopolitical contexts

Research, Writing, and Presentation

Disciplinary goal: students are prepared to engage in research and writing at a post-graduate level. 
Students will be able to ….

  • Read and interpret texts and/or data from a variety of disciplines, historical periods, and cultures
  • Locate, analyze, and interpret information from a wide range of materials, including scholarly, archival, qualitative, and quantitative materials 
  • Design and execute a capstone project or thesis that analyzes a specific issue in the field of either gender studies or cultural studies, or both [including a researched literature review and developing and supporting a position that attempts to make a contribution to the area studied]
  • Speak intelligently about their insights in discussions and/or formal presentations

Public engagement

Disciplinary goal: Students are prepared to apply their knowledge and skills to academic and professional pursuits in education, social service, public policy, medicine, law, government, religion, counseling, international relations, communications, business, and the arts.
Students will be able to ….

  • Explain in both written and oral form, the theoretical issues associated with gender and cultural studies to multiple audiences inside and outside the academy 
  • Engage respectfully in dialogue about subjects that may be sensitive or controversial
  • Interrogate the connection between theory and activism