Career Outcomes

Summary Findings of SSW Graduate Employment Survey for Class of 2016

The annual SSW employment survey was sent to all 2016 MSW grads for whom the school had a current email address. There were 66 respondents. Approximately six months post-graduation, in Mid-November of 2016, the survey was sent.

Highlights of the survey include:

First Jobs

  • 58% work in the greater Boston area; 84% work in MA.
  • 86% of those employed as a social worker are working full-time; 12% are working part-time.
  • Primary fields of practice:
    • Mental health and substance abuse services (47%)
    • Child Welfare and home based family services (17%)
    • Health and Elder services (21%)
    • School Social work (5%)
  • Most common job functions for the new grads are therapist or counselor (44%), case manager (20%), advocate and group worker (8%).
  • 88% receive LICSW supervision

Job Search

  • By mid-November, nearly 80% were employed in social work.
  • Most helpful resources in landing a job:
    • SSW faculty (77%) or advisor (49%)
    • On-line job listings (88%)
    • Career Education Center workshops and counseling (54%)


  • The median salary stated is $46,000. Of the 66 respondents who listed a salary, 31% earn salaries higher than the median.

Job Satisfaction

  • Over 95% describe their jobs as helping to advance their career goals and providing them with opportunities to use skills learned at Simmons SSW.

Licensing Exam (LCSW)

  • By November 72% had taken the LCSW exam
  • 98% passed the exam.

Student Learning Outcomes

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