SLIS Alumni Satisfaction Survey: Information and Administration

Since 2012, SLIS has engaged in the indirect assessment of its MS (LIS) degree program via the administration of an Alumni Satisfaction Survey. The first survey, administered in 2012, was sent via email to alumni who had graduated with the MS (LIS) in 2011; subsequent surveys (2013 - present) have been sent to students who graduated two and seven years prior to the survey administration date (e.g., the 2017 survey was sent to students who graduated in 2015 and in 2010).

The 2012 survey included questions intended to gauge student perception of the program’s success at achieving its program learning outcomes (PLOs) as well as its success in preparing students for professional practice. Additionally, the survey asked students about their experience at SLIS, encouraging them to respond to questions about academic rigor, course availability, and advising. In 2013, the survey was expanded to include more detailed questions about the guidance of faculty advisors and resources offered by the Career Education Center, as well as what professional organizations graduates have become involved in, and to what degree. In 2015, the survey was revised to address the newly established program learning outcomes voted on by faculty in September, 2014, and to encourage graduates to reflect on how their education at SLIS prepared them for their current jobs.

Survey Administration Information (2012 - 2020)

Year of survey distributionGraduates surveyedNumber of surveys sentNumber of respondentsResponse rate
20212013, 2014, 2018, 201990715918%
20182011 and 201664819730%
20172010 and 201539312830.78%
20162009 and 201437211731.5%
20152008 and 201343513631%
20142007 and 201240514235.5%
20132006 and 201143117039.4%