Chinese Offerings

With a recorded history spanning over three and a half thousand years, China has shaped world history. Her links with the West were first forged along the ancient Silk Road and, during the fourth and fifth centuries, she served as a conduit for the spread of Buddhism into Japan and Korea. Many technological advances that laid the foundation for modernity in the West, such as gunpowder and printing, were invented in China. And, since her clash with European powers during the Opium wars of the nineteenth century, China has played a major role in today's world.

A study of Chinese language not only offers access to this rich cultural heritage, it can also prepare students for their place in an increasingly globalized economy now that China's GDP ranks among the world's largest.

At Simmons, students may study up to three years of Mandarin Chinese, the official dialect, from elementary to advanced courses. A study of Chinese may further complement a diverse range of majors, such as Management, Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Asian Studies, Nursing, and Library Science.

Chinese Language Course Currently Offered

  • CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese 1
  • CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese 2
  • CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese 1
  • CHIN 202 Intermediate Chinese 2
  • CHIN 245 Advanced-Intermediate Chinese 1
  • CHIN 246 Advanced Intermediate Chinese 2
  • CHIN 320 Reading Chinese Newspapers