Innovation and Collaboration Fund

The CSSPP Innovation and Collaboration Fund (ICF) is designed to promote collaborative work and exchange of ideas between CSSPP faculty.  This fund encourages faculty to develop bold, new ideas in teaching, research, and student and/or community engagement through work with colleagues. Please Note: Due to COVID-19, these funds are suspended at this time.

Proposals are invited in the following categories:  


Faculty are invited to submit proposals that relate to courses, curricular enhancements, or pedagogy.  Faculty proposals may be used to develop, enhance, or pilot new approaches to teaching and/or curriculum.  Examples include, but are not limited to courses, programs, dual-degrees, cross-listed materials, international courses, service learning opportunities, and faculty development related to pedagogy.


Faculty are invited to submit proposals that support the exploration of research or scholarly inquiry.  These may include, but are not limited to pilot research projects, research grant development, manuscripts, books/book proposals, project development, reading/writing groups, and professional development to support scholarship.


Faculty are invited to submit proposals that engage students and/or the broader Simmons community.  These proposals will look to develop events, initiatives, or projects with the potential to foster connections and collaboration within and beyond CSSPP.  Examples include, but are not limited to events, development of student groups, conferences, and symposia.

Proposals are evaluated based on their likelihood to foster faculty growth, to enhance collaboration within CSSPP, to substantially impact teaching and learning, scholarship, or engagement, and to create an impact that extends beyond the proposal period.