CSSPP Faculty Research Fund

The CSSPP Dean's Faculty Research Fellowship (FRF) is designed to stimulate excellence in scholarship and give faculty additional time to pursue research. Please Note: Due to COVID-19, these funds are suspended at this time.

The fellowship encourages faculty to pursue research that may not have been possible without this support.  The goal of the FRF is to encourage scholarly productivity among individual faculty and to support CSSPP in developing a culture of research excellence. To foster this culture, faculty will be expected to share their work with the CSSPP community through some type of community gathering.  It is the hope that the research produced through the FRF and the sharing of these projects create an environment that significantly amplifies our College's research.  

Only a limited number of FRF awards will be available each year.  Proposals are permitted that allow faculty to initiate, continue, or conclude a research project. The project could include project or grant development, data collection or analysis, manuscripts, books/book proposals, or other scholarly endeavor.