The Council of Black Administrators Faculty and Staff

Who We Are

BAFAS is an organization which has historically focused on the issues of black people and people of African descent here at Simmons College. We are part of a multicultural environment and are allies and supporters of all individuals of color. BAFAS grows and expands to fit current interests of members in support of the College.

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How We Started

BAFAS is an organization that was founded in 1990 by a group of faculty and staff of African-American descent. BAFAS was founded to bring attention to the many issues surrounding the dynamics of diversity on the Simmons College campus, to advocate and to be change agents, and to help implement a socially just system at Simmons College and the broader community.

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Get Involved

BAFAS welcomes you and encourages your participation in the organization. Together we can share our insights and learn from one another so that our voices will be heard throughout the Simmons College community. Membership is available to all Simmons College employees who are black or of African decent.

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