JWLI Forum Program

Based upon the success of the United States based Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative (JWLI) Fellows Program, the increasing interest in nonprofit organizations because of the keen needs of society in Japan, the growing recognition of the Japanese government of the value of nonprofit organizations, and labor shortages, the Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative developed the Forum Program to increase the knowledge and awareness of the importance of the nonprofit sector and to encourage the opening of more roles of leadership for women. Through funding from the United States-Japan Foundation, the Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative was expanded to include a second major component, namely, a three-year Forum Program in Japan as part of the movement to create social change. The Japanese Women's Leadership Initiative has been ahead of some of the trends now emerging in Japan as it was created to strengthen the capacity of women to provide leadership and work effectively for change while educating about the value of the nonprofit sector and its role in addressing important social issues.

The Forum Program compliments the Fellows Program with its goals of providing information and inspiration to women and men in Japan to become involved with social change, increasing knowledge and interest in women's leadership and the nonprofit sector, and encouraging highly qualified women to apply to the United States based JWLI Fellows Program.

Read the 2010 Forum Report here.

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