JWLI Fellows Program Testimonials

  • I found the role of community life and thought to promote understanding of the importance of (true) balance. There are cultural differences between Japan and America ...I have started to introduce the American culture (of independence) to Japanese communities to promote Work-Life Balance Projects. (Masako, 2007 Fellow)
  • Before I joined this program, I didn't know much about Japanese or American nonprofits, and I never thought I could be a leader and change Japan. This program changed my life and thought. Thank you, thank you, so much! (Hazuki, 2008 Fellow)
  • As a citizen of Japan, which is one of the most highly advanced, capitalist countries of the world, I would like to improve the current social status for women in my country. There are so many tacit and uneven understandings on women's rights and public positions in Japan. My hope is to tell young Japanese people the importance of equality for all women. (Maya, 2009 Fellow)
  • I have gained facts and related knowledge about nonprofit activities through this experience... I would like to pay more attention to the younger generation and support them for a better future. My focus will be put on the improvement of Workforce Development and Education to female college students. (Keiko, 2010 Fellow)
  • It was really stimulating and enjoyable to visit different training establishments. I learned so much from leading NPOs. There was nothing I didn't enjoy because everything I did became a great learning experience. The best part was I could know that there are many people who feel the same as me even on the other side of the earth. I hope we all can connect not only on an individual level but also on an organizational level, and spread this connection to the world. (Yuka, 2011 Fellow)
  • It was an honor and a pleasure to have been selected to be a fellow in the JWLI program. What a memorable four weeks! It truly has changed my mind set. I have also been empowered a great deal with the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from the people I met there and this program. I was able to gain confidence in myself as a leader and as a person. Now I do my best and take a step forward to make a difference in Japan with our NPO members and brand new company that I founded in 2013. My thanks to JWLI and everyone who made this possible. (Kiyono, 2012 Fellow)
  • I was interested in JWLI because of two reasons: leadership training focusing on women and management of NPO. Staying in beautiful Boston for a whole month and meeting powerful leaders everyday exceeded my expectation. It was a big chance for me to think about contribution to society, women's challenge to take an initiative, and good points and challenging points of Japan. And it was a great experience to understand American spirit, so open, a can do spirit and acceptance of diversity. This precious experience took my life and my leadership to a new level. I will pay forward this experience to others.Thank you so much.(Tomoe, 2013 Fellow)

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