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Moving Sound

September 21, 2005
Taiwan-based avant garde performance group, a moving sound, combines instrumentals, vocals, dance, and other aspects of theater while integrating Chinese, Asian, and western culture to investigate sound, image, and the nature of creativity.

In its three years of performing in and around Taiwan, a moving sound has been described in the Taiwan press as one of the most unique artistic endeavors in the country.  Mia Hsieh and Scott Prairie are the founders of the group. Mia has a background in theater and Scott was trained in classical music. In addition, Scott brings a knowledge of yoga and Mia a knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan to their artistic projects. Their appearance at Simmons on September 21st, 2005, was part of a three city tour in the United States that included a presentation on New York City public radio.

At their Simmons concert, the group wooed an audience of over 300, including students, faculty, and staff, with gorgeous harmonies, innovative stylings, and humorous anecdotes. After the concert, students mobbed the group to buy CD's and request autographs, shooting photos with their cell phones and recounting having goose bumps throughout the show. Mia's vocal range astonished, and the players, while blending effortlessly into the whole, were each remarkable in their own right. The concert truly was, as several students commented, "incredible".