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How did I get here?

The folks who built the site you were trying to visit have directed you to this page because your browser does not support accepted web standards. Or you may have followed a link to this page in order to learn more about upgrading your browser. Using a screen reader? See our screen reader note below.*

What are web standards?

The World Wide Web Consortium — the people who invented the Web itself — created these standards so the Web would work better and be more secure for everyone. New browsers have adopted these standards; older browsers often can't understand or take advantage of them.

What the heck is a browser?

A browser is an application on your computer that lets you access the web and visit websites. You might use one called Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome, though there are a variety of different ones available. Check out this video to learn more:

So how do I upgrade? Is it free?

Upgrading is easy and it's free! You can click here to visit the "what browser?" website to learn more about the different browsers available for your computer and get links to download them for free.

Please note: This page is provided by the web team for informational purposes only and is intended to help you make informed choices about which browser you use on your personal computer. Please be aware that Simmons Technology makes every effort to provide a safe and secure computing environment at the College. At home, however, you need to be an educated consumer in order to make the best choices that meet your needs. With this spirit in mind, we created this page.

Simmons Community Members can visit the Help Desk website, which describes our software standards (among other helpful information). As always, feel free to contact the Help Desk with your questions at 617-521-2222.

*Screen readers: The information on this page is for people using graphical web browsers that do not support web standards who wish to upgrade, or for people who are interested in learning more about web standards in general. If you're using a screen reader or a text-only browser such as Lynx, the browser upgrade information does not apply to you, although you may be interested in learning more about how our use of web standards increases the overall accessibility of this site.

Questions about this page or accessibility at Simmons? Contact the Help Desk at 617-521-2222 or submit a question to the web team »