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This week, Professor LaDonna L. Christian was featured on  The website is "the only online resource for today's diversified nursing community."  In the interview, Professor Christian discusses her career path, her role as Director of the Dotson Bridge and Mentoring Program at Simmons, and her advice for minority nurses.  Many Dix Scholars have experienced success as a result of participation in the Dotson program.

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Laura Duymovic entered Simmons in January 2012 to study management, and she is currently considering the BA to MBA program.

laura-duymovic.jpgWhat was your educational history prior coming to Simmons? I went to college right out of high school, while working a full-time job in a hotel. I began achieving promotions and greater responsibility at work, which required much more time and flexibility in scheduling, and ultimately transfers to different states. I couldn't afford not to work, so I opted to drop out of college just before my first transfer.

What were you doing before coming Simmons? I worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and residential property management for about 5 years. I always kept finishing my degree as a goal in my mind. I even took additional college classes towards my degree in California but got transferred after only taking five classes. I was laid off of work and after about a year or so of looking with no success, decided to go back to college, which led me to Simmons.

An Interview with Mary Dutkiewicz, Associate Dean of Administration and SOM Academic Programs
School of Management (SOM) Associate Dean Mary Dutkiewicz advises many students in the management, finance, marketing and retail management majors. She also advises students interested in accelerating from a bachelor of arts (in any major) to the MBA program at Simmons.

Learn more about the accelerated BA to MBA option »

"Mary D" as she is known throughout the Simmons community, has been at the School of Management for over ten years working with both undergraduates and MBA students, and during this time, has been instrumental in helping to further the SOM's unique mission of educating women for power and leadership.


 "When I was looking to go back to school, the first college I thought of was Simmons."
     - Rita Shah, 44

"I became more interested in [my mom's] goal, and I decided to find out more about Simmons."
     - Neha Shah, 20

Discovering Simmons
Dix Scholar Rita Shah, 44, first arrived at Simmons in 2005 when her eldest daughter, then in high school, began looking at colleges. Since Simmons didn't offer a radiation therapy program, her daughter ultimately chose another school, but Rita never stopped thinking about Simmons. She remembers, "I was impressed with the faculty and the facility. I liked the school very much."


Terry Muller is the Director of the Writing Center and the Credit for Prior Learning program facilitator.  She has worked with adult learners in higher education for the past 15 years and appreciates the challenges women face when they return to college. She enjoys being an advisor of Dix Scholars and working with them to strengthen their writing.

"I am fortunate to be part of a collaborative community that embraces the school's mission to prepare students academically, professionally and for the world of work."
     - Andrea Wolf


A former Boston Globe "Job Doc" columnist, Career Education Center Director Andrea Wolf has made bold strides in expanding the role of the CEC. Shortly after her arrival to Simmons four years ago, Wolf undertook a strategic planning process to identify best practices among college career offices. Today, Simmons is positioned as a leader in the field of higher education career preparation.

  1. forster.jpgHow do I apply for financial aid?
    Simmons College has a very simple process for applying for financial aid. You only need to complete two forms.

    The first is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can find this information at:

    You will also need to fill out the 2012-2013 Simmons College Student Information Form, available on the Student Financial Services website.

    Once your forms are received, they will be reviewed by your Financial Aid Counselor and if needed, additional documents will be requested.


Dix Scholar Sharon Segura graduated in May 2010 with a BA in Management and has matriculated into the MBA program. As a BA/MBA student, Sharon took two graduate level courses while pursuing her bachelors.  These classes have helped to accelerate her MBA track. Having completed an Associates degree in business at a community college, the BA/MBA accelerated program was one the major reasons she chose Simmons.

Assistant Professor Susan Duffy
Ph.D.,George Washington University; MS, Johns Hopkins University; BS, Pennsylvania State University

profile.jpgSusan Duffy is recognized as a source of thought and initiative in advancing entrepreneurship, developing innovative education programs, and delivering system-wide value in diverse organizations. She is first and foremost an entrepreneur and has brought opportunity-based thinking and behavior to work as a university professor, an association executive, a business owner, and a consultant.

Susan teaches a range of courses in the entrepreneurship and management disciplines and has a passion for creating value for students that transcends traditional learning experiences. Before entering academia, Susan was co-owner of a family business commercial construction company and owned and operated a Chinese Food franchise restaurant, Ho-Lee-Chow. She has held leadership positions in health care and worked as an organizational consultant and trainer in both private and public work systems.


Name: Megan Elizabeth Horr

Age: 28

Entered Simons: I started my nursing prerequisites- the required science courses- at Simmons in January 2010, and then my nursing sequence started in July, 2010

Major: Nursing

Month/ Year of Graduation: December 2011

Faculty Advisor: Professor Priscilla Gazarian

Education prior to Simmons: I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Rhode Island.

Before Simmons: I graduated from URI in 2005 and then worked for four years at three different hospitals. I worked in hospital development at Caritas Carney and Dana Farber, and in marketing at Massachusetts General Hospital before deciding to go back to school.