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November 2013 Archives

We often hear from adult students who are interested in our nursing major, but do not have the prerequisite coursework completed.  However, adults can--and often do!--apply without the prerequisites.  In fact, we strongly recommend that you apply with the intention of completing your prerequisites at Simmons. This unique model allows you the following benefits:

  • Ensure your science foundation is directly aligned to support success in our nursing curriculum
  • Apply once--if you are accepted into nursing, you do not need to apply again after completing your prerequisites
  • Find out about your acceptance into the nursing program earlier than students taking their prerequisites elsewhere
  • Avoid having to take prerequisites for programs at multiple schools before applying--save time and money
  • Acclimate to the Simmons community and resources

If you have questions about the prerequisites for nursing, just reach out to your admission counselor!

As a Dix Scholar, you will be taking courses across the breadth of Simmons' offerings.  This means that all of our graduates are prepared to enter or continue in the working world, having challenged their intellectual capacities and explored their interaction with their own culture, their natural environment, and their world.  Although a number of adult students come to Simmons with transfer credit fulfilling the modes, other students take them here at Simmons.

Today, we continue a monthly series on each of the Modes of Inquiry.  In October, you learned about Mode 4, Scientific Inquiry.  This month, you'll learn about Mode 5, Social and Historical Perspectives.  Mode 5 courses focus on the historical, economic, political, or social factors that influence individuals, groups, and/or institutions.  In Mode 5, you will be able to describe and analyze historical and/or contemporary patterns and structions of social institutions.  There are over 60 Mode 5 courses to choose from!  Here is a small sampling of Mode 5 courses:

The spring 2014 application deadline has been extended to December 1st. Don't wait another semester to jump start your education!  Click here to learn how to apply.  Because we're so close to the deadline, here are some tips from our admission counselors on how to get everything done:
  • Start gathering transcripts, recommendations, and test scores first, as those take the longest.
  • Don't rush the essay-- this is your time to show the admission committee who you are!
  • Schedule a phone or Skype interview or information session if you are unable to make it to campus on short notice-- just call us at 617-521-2051 or 800-345-8468 to schedule a time.
  • If you're not sure if a document has been received yet, you can log back into your online application to check!  If you're still not sure, feel free to give us a call.
  • Be in touch with your admission counselor.  We are happy to help you with any questions surrounding the deadline!