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July 2013 Archives

Whether you walk, bike, drive, or take public transportation, it's easy to get to the Simmons campus!  Simmons offers discount MBTA passes for students taking the bus, subway or commuter rail to campus.  There are also bike racks and a Hubway bike rental station for cyclists.  For drivers, we offer the option to pay by the semester or by the hour in our parking garage.

Once you'e here, Simmons offers many resources to commuter students.  You can store your items in commuter lockers or relax in the commuter lounge in between classes.  Commuter meal plans are also available.  And if you need to sleep on campus for a night, you can reserve a space in our commuter housing in Mesick Hall.

Read more about our commuter resources here!

How can an adult student stay fit while balancing school, work, and family commitments?  LEAP, or the Lifelong Exercise and Activities Program, provides fitness-related classes, workshops, and other recreational activities, right on the Simmons campus!  Recent and upcoming opportunities include Zumba, Spinning, Hip Hop Yoga, Cardio Kick, and Learn to Dive.  Your children can even take youth swimming lessons on the weekends!

"LEAP is a great way to have a good time while exercising. The classes are stress free and an easy place to meet new people,"  says Jane Walsh, LEAP intern.   "This upcoming semester, when you sign up for any LEAP class, you automatically have access to the LEAP yoga classes as well." 

Visit the LEAP website to learn more about the program.

We're glad you're following Simmons College through our Adult Students Blog.  But did you know there are many other ways to keep up with us on social media?

We look forward to being in touch!

As a Dix Scholar, you will be taking courses across the breadth of Simmons' offerings.  This means that all of our graduates are prepared to enter or continue in the working world, having challenged their intellectual capacities and explored their interaction with their own culture, their natural environment, and their world.  Although a number of adult students come to Simmons with transfer credit fulfilling the modes, other students take them here at Simmons.

Today, we begin a monthly series on each of the Modes of Inquiry, or Modes.  Mode 1 covers the Creative and Performing Arts!  Mode 1 courses focus on artistic expression and communication of ideas and information.  In Mode 1, you may be involved in actual performance or production of art, teach artistic or communication skills, concentrate on artistic history, or discuss the role of the arts in society.  There are over 40 Mode 1 courses to choose from!  Here is a list of some of them: