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March 2013 Archives

One of the benefits of being a Dix Scholar is your access to the vibrant campus life at Simmons College.  Last Friday, prominent feminist Gloria Steinem spoke on the Simmons Campus.  Take a look at's live blog, and then read the Boston Globe's article from the next day! 

As a Dix Scholar, you have many opportunities to be involved in campus life!  Many Dix Scholars participate in student life as mentors or educators, and the Dix Scholars Association will help you connect with other adult students at Simmons.

Nursing is the most popular major for Dix Scholars.   However, it is certainly not the only major open to you!  Here's a list of the most common majors being studied by Dix Scholars. 


1. Nursing

2. Psychology

3. Management

4. English

5. Biology

6. Nutrition


With over 50 majors and programs, you're sure to find an area of study that will help you meet your career goals.  Education, Philosophy, Computer Science, Spanish, Arts Administration... the list goes on!  Let your Dix Scholar admission counselor know if you are interested in learning more about any of our programs.  You can also request a meeting with a faculty member or a class visit here!

Many of the questions we receive from Dix Scholars are regarding transfer credit.  We understand that many of our Dix Scholars have taken college coursework elsewhere, and perhaps have already earned a Bachelor's degree.  The good news is that our generous transfer credit policy honors the hard work you've already put into your education.  Here are a few of the most common questions, along with their answers.


Q: How many credits can I transfer to Simmons?

A: Simmons accepts up to 80 transfer credits.


Q: What grade do I need to transfer a course?

A: Simmons will transfer credits from courses in which you've earned a "C" or higher.  We also accept a grade of "Pass" if accompanied by proof that it represents a "C" or higher. 


Q: Can my transfer credit fulfill Simmons graduation requirements?

A: Yes, transfer credits can (and often do) fulfill our graduation requirements.


Q: I took college coursework in another country.  Will this credit be accepted?

A: Simmons does consider international coursework for transfer credit.  You must send us an evaluation of your international transcript done by the Center for Educational Documentation or World Education Services.


Q: I first attended college more than 10 years ago.  Will Simmons still accept my transfer credit?

A: Yes, there is no expiration date on transfer credits.  (However, please note that the math competency requirement must have been completed within the past 7 years).


Q: I have other questions about transfer credit.  What should I do?

A: You can view our transfer credit policies here.  Still have questions?  Contact your Admission Counselor and we would be happy to help!