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February 2013 Archives

Laura Duymovic entered Simmons in January 2012 to study management, and she is currently considering the BA to MBA program.

laura-duymovic.jpgWhat was your educational history prior coming to Simmons? I went to college right out of high school, while working a full-time job in a hotel. I began achieving promotions and greater responsibility at work, which required much more time and flexibility in scheduling, and ultimately transfers to different states. I couldn't afford not to work, so I opted to drop out of college just before my first transfer.

What were you doing before coming Simmons? I worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and residential property management for about 5 years. I always kept finishing my degree as a goal in my mind. I even took additional college classes towards my degree in California but got transferred after only taking five classes. I was laid off of work and after about a year or so of looking with no success, decided to go back to college, which led me to Simmons.


Here at Simmons, we know there are a number of women working in some aspect of business who seek more opportunity for career growth but lack the all-important first bachelor's degree. We also understand that women in business are each potential leaders, but that they first need to develop confidence in their capabilities, as well as find an environment in which to "test" themselves. Simmons provides such a learning community--one that acknowledges your unique background, supports your educational and professional goals, but also challenges you to dream bigger.