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At Simmons College, we recognize that each adult student brings her own distinct life experiences and personal story. We value your story and we value how you would add to the richness and diversity of the Simmons community. How do we show this? Through personalizing your educational experience from the moment you decide to apply.

Here are some of the numerous ways that Simmons takes the personalized approach as it partners with Dix Scholars, who, like yourself, are women 24 years or older or who seek a second bachelor's degree.


At Simmons, Dix Scholars comprise about 15% of the undergraduate population and bring with them a range of experiences which contribute significantly to the richness and diversity of the College. Dix Scholars are named for Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887) who, as a woman before her time, was successful in two different careers, each marked by her passion for social justice.

The one thing that Dix Scholars have in common is their drive to earn a bachelors degree in a supportive environment--one where faculty and staff rally behind all students so that they meet their educational and professional goals.

Dix Scholars are:

  • Women 24 years or older OR Women of any age seeking a second bachelors degree
  • Women embarking on OR continuing their college education