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The Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) option for adult undergraduate students reflects how Simmons values the unique knowledge and experiences Dix Scholars contribute to the college community. CPL offers Dix Scholars the opportunity to earn academic credit for college-level learning gained outside the classroom. Students may earn the equivalent of 6 college-level classes (24 credits), saving them both valuable time and money! With intensive, one-on-one writing support, students complete a narrative and a portfolio to demonstrate their learning.


 "When I was looking to go back to school, the first college I thought of was Simmons."
     - Rita Shah, 44

"I became more interested in [my mom's] goal, and I decided to find out more about Simmons."
     - Neha Shah, 20

Discovering Simmons
Dix Scholar Rita Shah, 44, first arrived at Simmons in 2005 when her eldest daughter, then in high school, began looking at colleges. Since Simmons didn't offer a radiation therapy program, her daughter ultimately chose another school, but Rita never stopped thinking about Simmons. She remembers, "I was impressed with the faculty and the facility. I liked the school very much."