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May 2012 Archives

If you're thinking, "How can I possibly do this?" you're not alone. Many successful Dix students and alumnae once felt overwhelmed at the prospect of going back to school, mastering new technology, and finding the time to study and "be a student" while balancing work, family, and other obligations.  At Simmons, we provide you with the support - both  personal and academic - that you need to be successful

Personal Support:

The Office of the Dean for Student Life offers tailored support and advising to Dix Scholars, encouraging and supporting you as you work to attain your goals, while recognizing your need to balance student life, work, family, and numerous other obligations.

Additionally, a student support network, also facilitated by the Office of the Dean of Student Life, provides current and new Dix Scholars the chance to meet together, share experiences, support one another, and relax!


Terry Muller is the Director of the Writing Center and the Credit for Prior Learning program facilitator.  She has worked with adult learners in higher education for the past 15 years and appreciates the challenges women face when they return to college. She enjoys being an advisor of Dix Scholars and working with them to strengthen their writing.