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Here at Simmons, we know there are a number of women working in some aspect of business who seek more opportunity for career growth but lack the all-important first bachelor's degree. We also understand that women in business are each potential leaders, but that they first need to develop confidence in their capabilities, as well as find an environment in which to "test" themselves. Simmons provides such a learning community--one that acknowledges your unique background, supports your educational and professional goals, but also challenges you to dream bigger.

At Simmons, case studies and other experiential forms of learning, are employed to develop critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, and project-management skills. Required internships allow students to apply course content in an organizational setting and examine possible career choices. Students graduate with a portfolio of course projects to demonstrate skills and competencies necessary for tomorrow's organizations.

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Dix Scholar Sharon Segura graduated in May 2010 with a BA in Management and has matriculated into the MBA program. As a BA/MBA student, Sharon took two graduate level courses while pursuing her bachelors.  These classes have helped to accelerate her MBA track. Having completed an Associates degree in business at a community college, the BA/MBA accelerated program was one the major reasons she chose Simmons.