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October 2011 Archives


Graduates Find Success amid Tumultuous Economy

  • Approximately 97% of the Class of 2010 was employed or in graduate school within one year of graduation, of which 83% were employed fulltime and 14% part-time.*
  • This year, 97% of the incoming class received financial aid and/or merit scholarship funding.

  • Close to 89% of full-time workers reported that that their job was related, or somewhat related to their major at Simmons.
  • Graduates from 2010 are employed in a variety of industries and companies both large and small, including Americorps, Yale New Haven Hospital, America's Test Kitchen, Aetna Insurance, Boston Health Care for the Homeless, and NASDAQ OMX.
  • Graduates are also working toward advanced degrees at prestigious universities around the world, including the University of Oxford in the UK, Columbia University, to the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Simmons nursing student pass rate on the (NCLEX) Registered Nurse exam is 97% for first time takers; the national average is 88%.**

Assistant Professor Susan Duffy
Ph.D.,George Washington University; MS, Johns Hopkins University; BS, Pennsylvania State University

profile.jpgSusan Duffy is recognized as a source of thought and initiative in advancing entrepreneurship, developing innovative education programs, and delivering system-wide value in diverse organizations. She is first and foremost an entrepreneur and has brought opportunity-based thinking and behavior to work as a university professor, an association executive, a business owner, and a consultant.

Susan teaches a range of courses in the entrepreneurship and management disciplines and has a passion for creating value for students that transcends traditional learning experiences. Before entering academia, Susan was co-owner of a family business commercial construction company and owned and operated a Chinese Food franchise restaurant, Ho-Lee-Chow. She has held leadership positions in health care and worked as an organizational consultant and trainer in both private and public work systems.