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November 2009 Archives

quad.jpgAs an adult student, you will be warmly welcomed into the Simmons community. We encourage you to take advantage of ALL the resources and opportunities that Simmons has to offer! Be as involved as you want to be!

In this edition of Sightings, you will find a sampling of what's new at Simmons. From new leadership and newly added academic programs to brand new facilities and internship opportunities, there's always something new happening at Simmons. Please remember that while there will always be new and exciting additions to the College, Simmons has remained true to its core values -- helping students achieve successful careers, meaningful lives, and a powerful return on their educational investment.

Academics: New Programs in Tune with Market Trends
  • Health Informatics Major: There is an ever growing demand for professionals who understand both heath care administration and information technology. With mandates from the federal government requiring that the health care industry move towards keeping electronic medical records and the need to improve health care delivery while at the same time reducing costs, Health Informatics professionals are essential and in demand.

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  • Exercise Science Major: Exercise Science majors focus on fitness and rehabilitation and help individuals lead healthier lives. Simmons professor Randi Lite, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine, explains, "My goal for students in my exercise science courses is to enable them to use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology as a basis for understanding and implementing effective exercise prescriptions for different populations."

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  • Public Health Major: There is a rising demand for public health professionals, due to increased global concerns regarding infectious and chronic disease epidemiology, food and water safety and environmental health issues. The Public Health program provides a unique and challenging educational experience for students who wish to combine an interdisciplinary liberal arts education with a specialty focus on public health. The major provides conceptual foundations and empirical bases for analyzing the interplay between science, society, and health, and prepares students for a variety of public health careers. While there are 9 core courses all Public Health majors must take, the student-- based on her interests in the field-- chooses either a Biology or Social Analysis Track to complete additional specialized coursework.

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  • Entrepreneurship Minor: A recent Simmons college-wide survey found that 80% of student-respondents intend to start a business sometime in the future. These findings are consistent with trends across the country of college students embracing venture creation as an anticipated part of their career paths. With a new Entrepreneurship minor, Simmons College educates women to think and behave entrepreneurially as professionals in any career, including as founders of their own ventures.

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New Student Accomplishments
Student Research: Hands-on research experience is a key part of a Simmons education, and reflects the College's value on learning outside the classroom. Research gives students the opportunity to put their knowledge to work. With a faculty adviser, students plan and perform experimental work, and then analyze and document their results. Our graduates report that this experience is invaluable preparation for job interviews and for graduate school. Research opportunities are also open to students as early as the freshman year. Read more about the international attention that Jennifer Boice '09 and Christina King '09 received for their recent research.

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Impressive Internships: Simmons' independent learning requirement (at least 8 credits) ensures that all students gain hands-on experience, impressive résumés, and professional contacts through internships, fieldwork, and independent projects. Simmons also offers lifelong career services, exceptional alumnae mentoring programs, and a powerful alumnae professional network.

Many Simmons students intern at Boston's world-renowned research and teaching hospitals, businesses, museums, and schools. Below is a list of recent internship sites:
Boston Aquarium Massachusetts General Hospital
The Boston Globe Museum of Fine Arts
Cambridge Public Schools National Environmental Law Center
Children's Hospital-Boston PricewaterhouseCoopers
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Raytheon
The Home for Little Wanderers Smith Barney
Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University
State Street Bank
Institute of Public Administration
(Dublin, Ireland)
BCVB-TV, Boston's ABC affiliate
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Cutting-Edge Career Preparation
New Programs Developed by the Career Education Center: The value that Simmons has always placed on professional success is reflected in new programs developed by the Career Education Center (CEC). At Simmons, students begin preparing for their careers in their very first semester! In the First Year Experience class, Simmons students identify their individual VIPS (Values, Interests, Personality type, and Skills) in order to connect these to potential majors and careers. Each student is also assigned a Career Coach, a professional staff member from the CEC, who acts as an adviser for all things career-related. Additionally, seniors may choose to enroll in Humanities 370, a course designed to take place while students are participating in an internship. In this course, students learn about pre-professional skills, behaviors, and competencies necessary for future career success.

A New Academic Leader:
Dr. Charlena M. Seymour Appointed New Provost

A noted expert in the field of speech-language pathology, Dr. Charlena M. Seymour recently was named provost and chief academic officer at Simmons College. Prior to her appointment, Dr. Seymour was provost and senior vice chancellor for academic affairs at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, a position she held since 2004. Dr. Seymour's academic career spans more than 30 years, including a substantial tenure at the University of Massachusetts where she has held positions such as professor, director of the Communications Disorders Clinic, chair of the Department of Communications Disorders, and dean of the graduate school.

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New Facilities: A Greener Simmons!
School of Management Building: Simmons is making history by becoming part of a forward-thinking group of educational institutions that boasts environmentally responsible buildings. With its new School of Management building, the College has earned Gold Certification by the United States Green Building Council. Currently, only 11 buildings in Massachusetts are LEED certified. The building uses 34% less water and 38% less energy than a building of the same size.

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A New Quad: Simmons has added a green oasis in the heart of Boston with the addition of its new quad! Visitors to campus this semester will notice plenty of students taking advantage of the autumn sunshine between classes on the beautiful campus quad!

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The Fens Café: Located in the Main College Building's lower level, The Fens is a fantastic newly renovated space that offers everything from snacks to scrumptious meals throughout the day. Be sure to stop by for lunch next time you're on campus!

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One of the Dix Scholars who Professor Duffy has taught and advised is Sharon Segura. Sharon will be graduating this May with a BA in Management, and will matriculate into the MBA program in fall 2010. As a BA/MBA student, Sharon is taking two graduate level courses this year, which will help accelerate her MBA. Having completed an Associates degree in business at a community college, this accelerated program was one the major reasons she chose Simmons.

Below Sharon describes how she has applied concepts and strategies from her Entrepreneurship Courses:

"Professor Duffy has been a wonderful professor and mentor to me since I started attending Simmons last fall. This summer I was fortunate enough to work directly with Professor Duffy creating a feasibility plan for an independent study course. Throughout the summer not only did I learn what being an entrepreneur entails, but also the positive impact that these ventures have on the economy.

My feasibility study was on offering comprehensive guides/services for the lifestyle management of a child with a multiple food allergy diagnosis. It was very exciting to be able to conduct research on a topic that is so relevant to me as the mother of a daughter with this condition and to have it reveal that there is a demand for the services I can offer.

My plan after pursuing my MBA is to bring my business venture to fruition by applying the concepts and strategies learned in Professor Duffy's entrepreneurship course."

Faculty Bio

profile.jpgSusan Duffy is recognized as a source of thought and initiative in advancing entrepreneurship, developing innovative education programs, and delivering system-wide value in diverse organizations. She is first and foremost an entrepreneur and has brought opportunity-based thinking and behavior to work as a university professor, an association executive, a business owner, and a consultant.

Susan earned her Ph.D. from The George Washington University (GWU) in Management and Organization, a Master's Degree in Applied Behavioral Science from the Johns Hopkins University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science from the Pennsylvania State University. While completing her doctorate, Susan was a faculty member of the GWU Department of Management where she served as the Executive Director of the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and the Director of the GWU Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership (WEL) initiative. In 2006 WEL was recognized as the 2006 National Model Specialty Program in Entrepreneurship Education by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. In her role as the Executive Director of the ICSB, Susan worked with an international team of researchers, policy makers, educators and service providers dedicated to advancing entrepreneurship and small business worldwide.

Susan teaches a range of courses in the entrepreneurship and management disciplines and has a passion for creating value for students that transcends traditional learning experiences. Before entering academia Susan was co-owner of a family business commercial construction company and owned and operated a Chinese Food franchise restaurant, Ho-Lee-Chow. She has held leadership positions in health care and worked as an organizational consultant and trainer in private and public work systems.