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Department of Women in Materials

Women in Materials

The Women in Materials (WIM) program at Simmons is designed to enhance undergraduate coursework for science majors or pre-med (including dental or veterinarian) students. WIM students take materials science courses, participate in research with faculty, and use sophisticated instruments in order to prepare for graduate study, medical school, or careers in high-tech industry and areas of medical research.


In 2001, WIM began with a single research project focused on organic electronics, funded by the National Science Foundation, and in collaboration with the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR).  Since then, WIM has expanded to include other research projects involving photovoltaics, carbon nanotube sensors, environmental contamination, and green polymers for the semiconductor industry.  WIM now involves six faculty from the Chemistry and Physics Departments, and approximately 25% of our science majors are involved in WIM research each semester--approximately 80% of these students are 1st or 2nd year students.

Experience in WIM prepares students for their senior thesis, and as a result, many students now get started on their thesis during their junior year.  Overall, the program has led to an increase in the number of students jointly authoring/presenting papers with faculty, majoring in physics, minoring in materials science, enrolling in materials-related REUs and entering Ph.D. programs in materials science or related disciplines.

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Physics of Materials Minor

The Women in Materials program provides students with an opportunity to take courses, conduct research, and Minor in the Physics of Materials.

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Cornell University Partnership

WIM is a continually evolving partnership between Simmons College and the Cornell Center for Materials Research.

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