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WIM provides opportunities for science students to differentiate their coursework and widen their experience with sophisticated instrumentation.

Through WIM students can take courses in materials and/or minor in the Physics of Materials. All courses emphasize general theoretical and practical applications of materials. Laboratory work stresses the use of sophisticated instrumentation and the understanding of processes used in the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries (optical and electrical measurements, polymer synthesis and evaluation, photolithography, scanning electron and atomic force microscopy, computer modeling, and thin film preparation of metals, polymers, and semiconducting materials).

Minor in Physics of Materials

The minor in the physics of materials exposes students to some of the key topics in materials science and provides students with opportunities to participate in materials research and use advanced instrumentation. The experience and knowledge gained are particularly relevant because technological advances in all areas, from growing artificial skin to developing faster computers, are critically dependent on innovations in materials research. Therefore, this minor is particularly appropriate for biology, chemistry, or biochemistry majors or premedical (veterinary or dental) students.

For course details, see the Department of Physics website