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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

The following recommended reading list has been compiled for prospective law students by staff at the University of Dayton School of Law. This list provides an introductory sampling of publications which may be of interest to those individuals who are giving throught to entering law school.


The Nature of the Judicial Process

Cardozo, Benjamin N.
Yale University Press (1921)
A compilation of famous lectures given by Judge Cardozo at Yale University Law School.

Simple Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education And Black America's Struggle for Equality

Kluger, Richard.
Knopf (1976)
The landmark case that ended the "separate but equal" doctrine.

The Bramble Bush: Our Law and Its Study

Llewllyn, Karl N.
Oceana Publications, Inc. (1951)
Classic collection of essays on the law and our legal system.

Gideon's Trumpet

Lewis, Anthony
Random House (1964)
True story of Clarence Earl Gideon's prison appeal to the Supreme Court that resulted in a defendant's right to counsel.

Miracle at Philadelphia: The Story of the Constitutional Convention

Bowen, Catherine Drinker
Little, Brown & Co. (1966)
Relates the events surrounding the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action

Alderman & Kennedy
Morrow (1991)
An examination of the Bill of Rights and many of the primary cases involving the first ten amendments.

The Supreme Court

Baum, Lawrence
Congressional Quarterly Press, Inc. (1989)
Overview of the election, confirmation, removal and retirement of a supreme court justice.


Attorney for the Damned: Clarence Darrow in the Courtroom

Weinberg, Arthur
The University of Chicago Press (1989)
The account of the courtroom battles of one of our greatest litigators.

John Marshall: A Life in Law

Baker, Leonard
Macmillan Co. (1974)
Biography of Justice John Marshall, whose leadership established much of the Supreme Court's authority.

Thurgood Marshall: Justice for All

Goldman, Roger
Carroll Graf (1992)
A review of the life and career of our first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

A Season for Justice: The Life and Times of Civil Rights Lawyer Morris Dees

Dees, Morris (with Steve Fiffer)
Macmillan Co. (1991)
Informative look at one of America's foremost civil Rights.

Law School

Barron's Guide to Law Schools

Barron's Educational Services, Inc. (1993)

From Here to Attorney:nThe Ultimate Guide to Excelling in law School and Launching Your Legal Career

Arnett II., J. Robert (et. al.)
Professional Publications, Inc. (1993)

Learning the Law: Success in Law School and Beyond

Frank, Steven J.
Carol Publishing Group (1992)

The Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools

Law School Admission Council (Published Annually)
This annual profiles all A.B.A. approved law schools. (Available through Law Services)

One L: An Inside Account of Life in the First Year of Harvard Law School

Turow, Scott
Putnam (1977)
Relates the experience and anxiety of a first-year law student.

Preparation For The LSAT

The official LSAT PrepTest (various versions)
The Official LSAT PrepKit: The Official LSAT PrepBook

Law School Admission Council (Published Annually)
These publications provide simulated test question s and answers, with hints and explanations by the organization which administers the LSAT.
(These publications may be purchased by phoning LSAS at (215) 968-1314, or by writing to Box 2000, Newtown PA 18940-0998.)

LSAT: Law School Admission Test

Martinson, Thomas II
Arco Publishing (1991)