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Major in Political Science

Major in Political Science

[Applies to those students entering the college in 2005-06 and thereafter. Those who entered the college before 2005-06 may choose either to fulfill the new requirements for a major in political science or the requirements that were in effect when they first matriculated at the college]

Requirements: All majors are required to take introductory courses in each of the four subfields of political science:

  • POLS 101 Introduction to American Politics
  • POLS 102 Introduction to International Politics
  • POLS 103 The Nature of Politics
  • POLS 104 Introduction to Comparative Politics

Students must also take four POLS electives and the senior seminar in political science. The College degree requirement of eight semester hours of independent learning may be met by POLS 350, 355, 370, 380, or 390. The independent study requirement may also be met with one course from another department. With the exception of a seminar, these eight semester hours are in addition to the 36 semester hours required in the political science major.

Please use our Political Science Major Tracking Form to chart your progress.

Double Majors

Many Simmons political science majors choose to combine political science with another major, most commonly with economics, international relations, history, education, a foreign language, psychology, English, sociology, management, or communications. Students have also combined political science with many other courses of study, including pre-med, accounting, and music. We encourage double majors and deliberately have kept the requirements for political science majors flexible to accommodate them. Please note, however, that double concentrators are expected to fulfill all the departmental requirements in political science. The independent study requirement (including internship) may be fulfilled in either department, but all concentrators must take the senior seminar in Political Science.