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2013-2014 News & Events

First Warburg Lecture of the 08-09 Academic Year

First Warburg Lecture of the 08-09 Academic Year

Date: September 23, 2008

Warburg Fall 2008 Lecture Series

5:00pm Lecture & Reception @ Linda K. Paresky Conferece Center

"Obama or McCain: An Anxious World Awaits"

A lecture by: Warburg Professor Ambassador Thomas N. Hull

With the campaigns underway and the debates about to begin, we Americans are focusing on our choices for November. Although "all politics are local," as Tip O'Neill famously said, American elections have significant global consequences. Far beyond our borders, the world is watching the American election with fascination and concern. This lecture will be an impartial look at the ramifications of your vote abroad: the international context of the election, the worldview of the two parties, and the foreign policy differences between the candidates.

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