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The following is a list of courses currently listed within the Political Science Curriculum. To view more information, please click on a course's title. You may also sort this list by course name, course number, credit hours, or type. Please note that all courses numbered 400 and above are graduate level courses.

Please note

This course information is derived from the Online Course Catalog, which is under development. The information may not be accurate and is provided only as a convenience. Please consult the print or PDF version of the Course Catalog for all official course information.

This is a list of courses currently offered
Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 39 Courses
Politics Unplugged POLS-212 4.00 Lecture
Special Topics in Pol. Sci. POLS-202 4.00 Lecture
Comparative Foreign Policy POLS-229 4.00 Lecture
US Foreign Policy:1945-Pres. POLS-249 4.00 Lecture
Spec Top International Relatio INRL-202 4.00 Lecture
Senior Seminar INRL-390 4.00 Lecture
Intro to American Politics POLS-101 4.00 Lecture
Intro to International Pols POLS-102 4.00 Lecture
The Nature of Politics POLS-103 4.00 Lecture
Intro to Comparative Pols POLS-104 4.00 Lecture
Politics of Cities POLS-211 4.00 Lecture
Pols in Republic:Congress/Pres POLS-213 4.00 Lecture
Constitution Law: Mod Court POLS-214 4.00 Lecture
Politics of Exclusion POLS-215 4.00 Lecture
American Public Policy POLS-217 4.00 Lecture
Parties and Elections POLS-218 4.00 Lecture
Gender & Politics POLS-219 4.00 Lecture
International Organization Law POLS-220 4.00 Lecture
Arab/Israeli Conflict POLS-221 4.00 Lecture
Human Rights: Basic Dilemmas POLS-223 4.00 Lecture
Int'l Politics of East Asia POLS-225 4.00 Lecture
Theories of Justice POLS-232 4.00 Lecture
Gov't & Politics of Africa POLS-242 4.00 Lecture
Middle Eastern Politics POLS-243 4.00 Lecture
Pols Newly Industrial Country POLS-245 4.00 Lecture
Pols Newly Industrial Coun STC POLS-245M 4.00 Lecture
Politics of Western Europe POLS-246 4.00 Lecture
Politics of Religious Fundam. POLS-247 4.00 Lecture
Terrorism POLS-248 4.00 Lecture
Senior Seminar POLS-390 4.00 Lecture
Internship INRL-370 8.00 INT
Internship POLS-370 8.00 INT
Independent Study INRL-350 4.00 INS
Directed Study:Honors Thesis INRL-355 4.00 INS
Independent Study POLS-350 4.00 INS
Thesis POLS-355 4.00 INS
Fieldwork INRL-380 4.00 FWK
Fieldwork POLS-380 4.00 FWK
Egypt: Politics & Society STC POLS-244M 4.00 CNS

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